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Eustace Clarence Mullins (born March 9, 1923 in Roanoke , Virginia , † February 2, 2010 in Texas ) was an American political writer and biographer. He was a United States Air Force veteran, serving 38 months of active service during World War II.


Eustace Clarence Mullins was born in Virginia and studied at Washington and Lee University , New York University , the University of North Dakota , the Escuelas des Bellas Artes, San Miguel de Allende , Mexico, and the Institute of Contemporary Arts , Washington, DC

Mullins was a regular visitor to Ezra Pound at St. Elizabeth's Hospital for the Insane in Washington DC, where the American poet was imprisoned from 1949 to 1959. Mullins met him in November 1949. Mullin's standout book was his biography This Difficult Individual, Ezra Pound ; Mullin's work as a student of Pound was his analysis of the Federal Reserve System : Mullins on the Federal Reserve . Ezra Pound had basically commissioned it . Mullins wrote it with the assistance of political scientist George Stimpson, founder of the National Press Club. Mullins allegedly had free access to the Library of Congress at the time .

Mullins spent most of his life researching and writing about the supposed conspiracy of international bankers. In his book on the Federal Reserve , Mullins targets Paul Warburg , Edward Mandell House , Woodrow Wilson , JP Morgan , Benjamin Strong, the Rockefeller family, and others allegedly working in the interests of European banks, particularly the Rothschilds , the United States of America cheated and their currency controlled and weakened. Mullins saw how Pound, in the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 (allegedly drafted secretly in 1910 by a group of influential bankers on Jekyll Island ), violated the United States Constitution by establishing an underwriting (issuing) bank for the United States under under the control of international bankers and regulate American interest rates. Mullins claims that the First World War , the depression in agriculture by 1920, the global economic crisis of 1929 and the seizure of power of Adolf Hitler stood directly related to the interests of international bankers who would intentionally involve the enormous profit from conflict and economic instability.

In 1956, Guido Roeder published a German-language edition of the Federal Reserve book in his Widar publishing house in Oberammergau. On instructions from Federal Minister of the Interior Gerhard Schröder (CDU) , the Federal Criminal Police Office seized “The Jekyl Island Bankers Conspiracy”. The Garmisch-Partenkirchen District Court confiscated 9,000 copies (out of 10,000 issued), because "this publication contains tendentious statements against a group of Jewish financiers who are capable of provoking and stirring up hatred of Jewish sections of the population and thereby endangering the To bring about publicity " . The US government refused to intervene because the US High Commissioner for Germany James B. Cornant (President of Harvard University from 1933 to 1953) approved the original confiscation order. The Federal Minister of the Interior declared in Bonn that after clarifying the background, he hoped to be able to dig up the Widar publishing house with stump and handle.

Although Mullin's central work does not raise racial accusations, various authors and organizations, notably the Anti-Defamation League , have accused him of anti-Semitism . This is likely, and at least in part, due to an article (as part of an essay with inadequate sources) in which Mullins historically describes the Jewish people as a biological parasite . However, in an interview conducted in 1993, he emphasizes that he used to be deluded about this aspect of his work. He also counted some Jews among his circle of friends. Quote from the interview:

“Question: Do you think Jews are parasites? - Mullins: Parasites? No, as I said, that was a topic that I developed in a book in 1968. I never referred to it again and in fact there is nothing about Jews in my last 5 books and in the last 20 years simply because I have moved to larger spheres and contexts, to world order ... "

In 2005, Eustace Mullins became a member of the editorial board of the Southeast Bureau of the right-wing American Free Press. He also wrote for the Barnes Review, of which he was a member of the editorial board.


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