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In the railway only trained personnel are permitted in the maintenance of control and safety systems collaborate

A skilled worker in the narrower sense is a worker who has successfully completed industrial , commercial or technical vocational training . In a broader sense , this also includes people who have completed a technical college or university degree .

Persons with specialist training


Skilled workers shortage

The term shortage of skilled workers usually means the undesirable lack of skilled workers , journeymen , masters , technicians and academics in certain disciplines as an offer available on the labor market. It is controversial whether a comparable supply deficit actually exists. In some cases, there is also inadequate personnel marketing in the companies concerned. To compensate for the shortage of skilled workers, several countries issue special visas, such as the skilled worker visa in Australia .

Skilled worker quota

The skilled worker quota describes the ratio between skilled workers and employees with lower qualifications in a company. Various laws (German Home Law , JAR , FAR ) prescribe minimum quotas.

Name for a course module

In the case of private training providers (for example "TÜV Akademie"), the term specialist is used for a course module (for example certificate course for environmental management specialist ). It is usually used to describe the lowest level of the so-called manager or auditor course .

At TÜV, the second module of the course is called the officer (for example environmental officer ) and thus exactly the other way around than in the area of occupational safety ; there, the safety officer is essentially a named person (without having to show a qualification in this regard), while the specialist for occupational safety requires appropriate further training.

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