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Remote scouts are specialized reconnaissance forces in the land forces. They are used to obtain information of particular importance in the depths of the enemy space and to provide direct support to other special forces. The Fernspäh trupp clarify this on their deep behind enemy lines enemy forces.

The English name for long-range surveillance (LRS) or Long Range Reconnaissance (LRR), for the long- range reconnaissance patrol (LRRP).

Mission and operational principles

The area of ​​operation of a long-distance patrol troop can be 150 km in front of their own troops in the enemy hinterland. The transfer by means of transport to the operational area can take place in different ways:

The televsion team is on duty in the operational area without interruption. The main task is to gain key knowledge in crisis and conflict areas for the operational management level. An observatory will be set up at the site, from which reconnaissance results can be obtained over a longer period of time. The soldiers observe and report with modern optronic observation and telecommunication technology and thus provide the command with information about the enemy's intentions at an early stage, especially of high-value targets . Also the Forward Air Control (FAC) - the directing air operations by radio or laser -Zielbeleuchter from the ground - is now considered to Fernspähaufträgen.

The main focus of a long-distance patrol is to remain undetected. The most important operational principle is undetected infiltration and exfiltration of the operational area. The squad generally performs movements at night and can, under combat-like conditions, away from roads and paths, take an hour for one kilometer. The remote scouts are independent in fulfilling their mission and avoid combat. The exfiltration usually takes as much time as the infiltration with the shipment and is carried out with the same care and caution.

Remote spy units

German armed forces scout

Beret badge of the disbanded remote observation force

The Fernspähtruppe was a branch of service in the German army . The Fernspäher were among the deployment and command support troops of the Armed Forces . The main task was to obtain key information deep behind enemy lines by means of small, self-sufficient, dismounted televsion teams . The last unit of the former tele-spying troops was the tele-spying company 200 .

The remote surveillance troop was decommissioned in 2015. Most of the personnel were transferred to the airborne reconnaissance companies of the Rapid Forces Division. The special forces command and the army reconnaissance troops are still planning sub-units that operate in a similar way to the disbanded remote surveillance troops. The number of posts was retained and distributed to airborne reconnaissance companies 260/310 in Lebach and Seedorf. There are 2 remote observation trains each. The tele-spying forces of the army reconnaissance troops thus continue to support the EGB forces of the army and the KSK as a consumer.

The training to become sergeants and officers as well as the area of ​​"further development of specialized reconnaissance forces of the German armed forces" is subordinate to the training center armored troops area army reconnaissance troops in Munster .

Remote surveillance units from other countries

Within NATO, the Special Operations Training Center is a central training facility in which Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Turkey and the USA provide trainers. In some cases, long-range reconnaissance forces are not set up in independent units. This deep reconnaissance mission is carried out in part by other special forces, such as within the USSOCOM of the US armed forces, by units of the United States Army Special Forces Command (Airborne) , and not by exclusively specialized troops.

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