Fiesta (film)

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German title Fiesta
Original title Fiesta
Country of production France
original language French
Publishing year 1995
length 104 minutes
Director Pierre Boutron
script Pierre Boutron
production Michel Chambat
music Wim Mertens
camera Javier Aguirresarobe
cut Claire Bez ,
Jacques Witta

Fiesta is a 1995 French feature film based on a novel by José Luis de Vilallonga . It deals with the experiences of a sixteen year old boy in the Spanish Civil War .


Young Rafael is taken from boarding school by his father and assigned to a unit that carries out shootings in a monastery behind the front . In this way he should get to know death and be hardened before his first deployment to the front. Rafael, who was raised to obedience, is at first eager to make short work of the enemies of fascism , but over time questions his activities more and more. When a fifteen-year-old girl - the daughter of an opposing leader - is about to be executed, he releases the prisoner and is then transferred to the front.


The film-dienst found: "In the main role a convincingly played drama that relentlessly shows the psychological stresses the participants in the civil war are exposed to."


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