Yesterday's movie

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Original title Yesterday's movie
Country of production GDR
original language German
Publishing year 1980
length 13 minutes
Director Roland Steiner
script Roland Steiner
production DEFA studio for documentaries
camera Heiner Sylvester
cut Angelika Arnold

Roland Steiner: Speaker

Yesterday's Film is a documentary film made by DEFA Studio for Documentaries by Roland Steiner in 1980 .


In the mid-1950s, a group of children was sitting in a back yard and looking intently at the back of a truck , on which a robber story was played with marionettes , which also included the small audience. Back at home on their farms, the children fetch their dolls and play a little theater with them. Then the characters talk about what they want for the future, which also corresponds to the wishes of the children.

The viewer of this film with the title Dreams for Tomorrow is Brigitte Großmann, who is sitting in the cinema with her entire family. 25 years ago, when she was six, she was one of the children who was watched with the camera. Today she has six children, is divorced and works as a saleswoman in a government coal shop. During this work she is observed by the film team, just as in her home environment. The old film awakens memories in her, for example how she was allowed to bid farewell to Vietnamese President Hồ Chí Minh at Berlin-Schönefeld Airport , who had been on a state visit to the GDR . She is largely satisfied with her life. She has always wanted to take up the job of a saleswoman, has no wishes, is satisfied with her work and she doesn't want to give up her six children either. She just wants her children to have a better life than herself and they should first enjoy life before they have children. During the filming, Mrs. Grossmann marries for the second time after the first marriage was not successful.

Production and publication

Yesterday 's film was filmed on ORWO-Color by the Kinofilm Berlin division, AG Kinder- und Jugendfilm under the working title Dreams for Tomorrow . The entry into the GDR cinemas took place on April 4, 1980. The dramaturgy was in the hands of Gerta Stecher .

The following staff was responsible for the 1956 DEFA documentary Dreams for Tomorrow , from which the excerpts shown come from:

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