Fish market (Erfurt)

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The town hall at the fish market
Fish market with the house of the red ox and the herald

The fish market is a central place in the Thuringian capital Erfurt . It is located in the old town between Domplatz in the west and Anger in the southeast. The Erfurt town hall is located at the fish market .


The fish market was first mentioned in a document from 1293 as in foro piscium iuxta hospitale . In the Middle Ages, different markets were very often held at the fish market, so that the square slowly developed into the social center of the city and a first town hall was built on its east side in 1275 . Today's town hall stands in the same place, dates from 1875 and is built in the neo-Gothic style. The architects of the town hall were Theodor Sommer and August Thiede . In the 1930s, the town hall building was significantly expanded based on a design by Johannes Klass .

In 1591 a column was erected opposite the town hall, on which an armed warrior stands (see Römer (Erfurt) ). At that time, it was primarily intended to show the clerical authorities (namely the Archbishop of Mainz , who was ruler of the city) that the citizens were ready to defend their imperial city freedoms, if necessary, with armed force.

There are also some remarkable patrician houses from the Renaissance at the Fischmarkt , namely the Haus zum Roten Ochsen (1562), the Haus zum Breiten Herd (1584), the Haus Zur Güldenen Krone (1564) and the Haus zum Güldenen Löwen (1740) Expressing the wealth of Erfurt in the early modern period.

The Sparkasse am Fischmarkt (today Sparkasse Mittelthüringen ) to the right of the town hall dates from 1934/1935 . It was built in the New Objectivity style based on a design by Johannes Klass . Due to American artillery bombardment in April 1945, the building lost its decorative wall paintings on the facade and the nine-meter-high colored glass windows.

The Fischmarkt / Rathaus tram stop is located on the Fischmarkt and is served by three lines. Today the square is part of the Erfurt pedestrian zone . From the fish market, Marktstrasse leads to the west and Schlösserstrasse to the south, as well as some smaller alleys (Rumpelgasse, Schuhgasse, Rathausgasse). In the east, the fish market turns into Benediktsplatz , which in turn is the beginning of the Krämerbrücke .

As part of the renovation of the inner-city area from the Anger via Schlösserstraße to Marktstraße, the fish market was extensively renovated between the beginning of 2013 and November 2013.

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