Fortress of Amerikkka

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German title Fortress of Amerikkka
Original title Fortress of Amerikkka
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1989
length 100 minutes
Age rating FSK 18
Director Eric Louzil
script Eric Louzil
production Michael Herz , Lloyd Kaufman
music David Ouimet
camera Ron Chapman
cut Diane Robinsone

Fortress of Amerikkka (also fortress Amerikkka ) is an American action film directed by Eric Louzil . The film was released by Troma Entertainment in 1989 .


The Indian John Whitecloud returns to his hometown of Troma City, California after an extended prison term. In the national park around the idyllic small town, a paramilitary group that calls itself the "Fortress of Amerikkka" is up to mischief. They secretly practice military techniques and torture and kill anyone who enters their turf.

John tries to regain a foothold in the city, but the sheriff who once killed his brother makes life difficult for him. His former flame Jennifer is also very cool as she is now in a different relationship. When all the inmates of "Fortress America" ​​were killed in a motel, the sheriff started an investigation. But first he wants to take care of John. When John tries to help a woman who has just escaped the fortress, he has the perfect excuse to put John in jail. Then he tries to put an end to the machinations of the fortress, but is killed.

John escapes from prison with Jennifer's help. When the incidents around the fortress pile up and the police are practically leaderless, John organizes a vigilante group . The citizens of the city overrun the fortress and kill everyone in the group.


Although the film has the three Ks of the Ku Klux Klan in the title, the Fortress of Amerikkka organization is not racist. Black paramilitaries can also be seen in the film. It is also not clear in the film what the goals of the organization should be and to whom they are subordinate. Only the "fight against terrorism" is mentioned.


The first German-language version was released by UFA as a VHS tape under the title Fortress Amerikkka and was cut by around three minutes. The film was re-released in two versions in the 1990s under its original title by the uncut label "Troma Germany": as an edited JK version and as an uncut Director's Cut. An uncut DVD version was also later released.

In 2012 Troma published the English language version of the film along with 150 other productions on the Internet video portal YouTube .


The film failed the criticism and, along with Surf Nazis Must Die, is considered the worst work by Troma Entertainment. The story is confused and has large gaps, the actors act below average.

"Film from the Troma workshop, exaggeratedly brutal, with barely perceptible ironic undertones."

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