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Arts et Métiers station of the metro in Paris based on a design by François Schuiten

Baron François Schuiten (born April 26, 1956 in Brussels ) is a Belgian comic artist and comics scenario.


François Schuiten comes from a family of architects in Brussels . His brother Luc Schuiten , who occasionally works with him as a comic book scenarist, is also an architect. At the age of 16, François Schuiten published his comics in the comic magazine Pilote . Parallel to his first publications, he enrolled at the Institut Saint-Luc , where he studied with Claude Renard , among others .

His best-known work is the 17-volume series The Mysterious Cities ( Les Cités obscures ), which he developed with the scenographer Benoît Peeters . The content of The Mysterious Cities deals with parallel urban worlds and the destruction of the historical cityscape of Brussels. Schuiten's relationship to architecture is particularly clear in these volumes and is also reflected in the type of drawings , which are influenced by Giovanni Battista Piranesi's graphics , but also contain elements of Art Deco . The series can be counted among the formative factors for the development of the steampunk genre . François Schuiten takes an interdisciplinary view of his artistic work and, in addition to his comics, designed the Brussels metro station Porte de Hal / Hallepoort, the Paris metro station Arts et Métiers and the exhibition “Planet of Visions” at the Expo 2000 in Hanover .

In 2002, the Belgian King Albert II elevated François Schuiten to the nobility . In the same year he received the Grand Prix de la Ville d'Angoulême at the Festival International de la Bande Dessinée d'Angoulême for his life's work .


The series of Les Cités obscures (Eng. The mysterious cities ) together with the scenographer Benoît Peeters :

  • Les Murailles de Samaris (1983 / '84, German The Walls of Samaris , at Feest, Stuttgart 1990)
  • La Fièvre d'Urbicande (1985, German Urban Planner's Fever at Feest, Stuttgart 1989)
  • La Tour (1987, German The Tower at Feest, Stuttgart 1988)
  • L'Archiviste (1987, German The archivist at Feest, Stuttgart 1992)
  • La route d'Armilia (1988, German The way to Armilia near Feest, Stuttgart 1988)
  • Le musée A. Desombres (1990)
  • Brüsel (1992, German Brüsel from Feest, Stuttgart 1993; new edition from Schreiber & Leser, Hamburg 2012)
  • L'Écho des Cités (1993, German The City Echo )
  • Mary la penchée (1995, German Mary at Feest, Stuttgart 1996)
  • L'enfant penchée (1996)
  • Le guide des Cités (1996, German guide through the mysterious cities )
  • L'Ombre d'un homme (1999, German The Shadow Man at Feest, Stuttgart 2000)
  • Voyages en Utopie (2000)
  • La Frontière invisible tome 1 (2002, German Beyond the Border 1 by Schreiber & Leser, Munich 2002)
  • La Frontière invisible tome 2 (2004, German Beyond the Border 2 by Schreiber & Leser, Munich 2004)
  • La Théorie du Grain de Sable (2007, German The Grain Theory by Schreiber & Leser, Munich 2010)

The series Les Terres creuses together with his brother Luc Schuiten :

  • Carapaces (1981, German armor at Volksverlag , 1984 and Arboris 1989)
  • Zara (1985, German The hollow earth or The hollow earth (Zara) at Arboris 1989)
  • Nogegon (1990, German Nogegon (The hollow earth 2) near Arboris 1991)

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