Francois Ignace de Waldmann

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Francois Ignace de Waldmann as a knight of the French Military Order of St. Ludwig
The so-called Waldmannsburg , Waldstrasse 107, Neustadt ad Weinstrasse

Francois Ignace de Waldmann (born February 12, 1722 in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse ; † November 3, 1801 , ibid) was a French officer and civil servant from the Electoral Palatinate .


Francois Ignace Waldmann was born as the son of the Elector Palatinate lieutenant and since 1729 Neustadt town watchman, Johann Michael Waldmann and his wife Maria Apollonia. On February 19, 1722 he was baptized according to the Catholic rite in the Neustadt collegiate church .

Waldmann first studied law and then joined the royal French army . Here he served in the German foreign regiment de La Marck , most recently as aide major ( captain or captain ) under the commander Franz Georg von Wimpffen (1735-1816). For his bravery he was awarded the Knight's Cross of the French Military Order of St. Ludwig and he was given the personal title of nobility. From this point on he added a "de" to his name , with which he also appears in the official books. There is a drawing on which Francois Ignace de Waldmann wears this medal and which also shows his coat of arms, to which the St. Ludwig's cross is attached.

In 1762 Waldmann resigned from the French army and applied for a civil servant position at home. On August 20, 1764 he became a conductor (administrator) of the University of Heidelberg for their property in Lambrecht and Schauernheim , which came from the dissolved Lambrecht Monastery . He held this office until 1784 and his son Franz Felix Joseph succeeded him.

Francois Ignace Waldmann married Maria Luise Ohlinger in Bonn in 1756 , as a lieutenant, who died in the wedding year. In 1761 he married Marianne Clara Grabler, who died in Neustadt in 1795; Daughter of the French regimental doctor Franz Xaver Grabler. From this marriage sprang the two sons Franz Felix Joseph Waldmann (1763-1833), Bavarian civil servant in Munich and Karl Ludwig Franz Joseph Waldmann (1764-1853), French lieutenant colonel and Bavarian civil servant.

The retired officer is considered to be the builder of the so-called "Waldmannsburg" in Neustadt (Waldstrasse 107), a beautifully situated country house with a distant view of the Rhine plain, which has served as an inn and excursion destination for many years. King Ludwig I of Bavaria celebrated his birthday here in 1852.


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