Friedrich Tuta

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Friedrich Tuta (* 1269 , † 16th August 1291 at Castle Hirschstein ) from the gender of Wettin was starting in 1285 Margrave of Landsberg and 1288-1291 Margrave of Lausitz and Regent of the Margraviate of Meissen .

The origin and meaning of the nickname “Tuta” are unclear and not passed down, it probably means “the stalker”.


Friedrich was born in 1269 as the son of Margrave Dietrich the Wise von Landsberg . In addition to the lands he inherited from his father, which he took over in 1285, he received the margraviate of Lausitz after the death of Heinrich the Illustrious in 1288; the latter, however, made the sons of Albrecht the Degenerate , Friedrich the Freidige and Dietrich IV controversial for some time . In 1289 he bought part of Meissen and the territory from Friedrich Clem .

Friedrich Tuta died on August 16, 1291 at the age of 22 at Hirschstein Castle , poisoned with cherries and without male descendants; this is how the saying "It's not good to eat cherries with him" is said to have originated. He was buried in Weißenfels .

Marriage and offspring

Friedrich left his widow Katherina (died and buried 1303 in Weißenfels) and their daughter Elisabeth.

His possessions fell to Dietrich IV and his brother Friedrich the Freidigen .


predecessor Office successor
Henry III. the illustrious one Margrave of Lausitz
Dietrich IV.