Franz Xaver von Wegele

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Franz Xaver von Wegele

Franz Xaver von Wegele (born October 29, 1823 in Landsberg am Lech , † October 17, 1897 in Würzburg ) was a German historian and co-editor of the Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie (ADB).

Wegele studied at the universities of Munich and Heidelberg . In politically troubled times , he was able to do his habilitation in 1849 and then got a teaching position for history at the University of Jena .

Two years later Wegele was appointed "Professor of History" there. In 1857 he accepted a position at the University of Würzburg . The following year he was accepted as a member of the Historical Commission in Munich . There he was instrumental in the publication of the ADB for many years. Since 1860 he was a foreign member of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences .

Fonts (selection)

as an author
  • Karl August von Weimar. Weimar 1850.
  • Dante Alighieri's life and works. 3. Edition. Jena 1879.
  • Monumenta Eheracensia. Nordlingen 1863.
  • The Reformation of the University of Würzburg. Speech at the annual celebration of the Julius Maximilians University Foundation on January 2, 1863. Thein, Würzburg 1863.
  • On the literature and criticism of the Franconian necrologies. Nordlingen 1864.
  • Friedrich the Freidige , Margrave of Meissen. Nordlingen 1870.
  • Goethe as a historian. Wuerzburg 1876.
  • Count Otto von Henneberg . Wuerzburg 1875.
  • History of the University of Würzburg. Stahel, Würzburg 1882 (2 vols.)
  • History of German historiography since the appearance of humanism. Munich 1885.
as editor


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