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Logo of the Geo-Magazin.svg
description Reportage magazine
language German
publishing company Gruner + Jahr ( Germany )
Headquarters Hamburg
First edition October 1976
founder Rolf Gillhausen
Frequency of publication per month
Sold edition 172,663 copies
( IVW 2/2020)
Widespread edition 174,629 copies
( IVW 2/2020)
Range 2.36 million readers
( MA 2020 I )
Editors-in-chief Jens Schröder
Markus Wolff
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ISSN (print)

The magazine Geo (own spelling GEO ) is a report magazine of the Hamburg publishing house Gruner + Jahr and was founded in 1975 by Rolf Gillhausen . The first official booklet went on sale in October 1976. The magazine is best known for its opulent photo series and detailed reports. The spectrum of topics ranges from science such as medicine and biology to politics and travel. Jens Schröder and Markus Wolff have been editors-in-chief of Geo and PM Magazin since January 1st, 2020 .

There are now editions in 17 countries, including Bulgarian, English (for the Indian market), French, Greek, Italian, Croatian, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Czech, Turkish and Hungarian.



Geo has lost a lot of its circulation in recent years . The number of copies sold has fallen by 66.8 percent since 1998. It is currently 172,663 copies. This corresponds to a decrease of 346,998 units. The share of subscriptions in the circulation sold is 71.8 percent.

Development of the number of copies sold
Development of the number of subscribers

Magazine family

In addition to Geo , the monthly magazine with a green border, there are so-called Line Extensions - independent magazine series that also appear under the GEO logo and each use a different color as the cover border.

title logo subtitle Cover color Alignment Subject
Number of
Edition Quarterly
GEO Logo of the Geo-Magazin.svg The new image of the earth,
see the world with different eyes
green multi-thematic 1976 per month 510 289,552 I / 2013 Main edition
GEO special Experience the
world, discover the world
blue monothematic to travel 1981 quarterly bi
146.845 II / 2009 Each issue is devoted to a country, a region or a city, but occasionally also topics such as “Europe's most beautiful parks and gardens”, “The great adventure trips” or “Magical places”. Since the 06/2012 issue of "Indian Ocean", a partial edition has been published with an extra DVD .
GEO knowledge Geo-Knowledge-Logo.svg Understand the world, understand people red monothematic science 1987 half-yearly 63 140,000 Deals with the latest developments and trends in the human and natural sciences and their effects on people and society. Since issue 45 "What do I want", a partial edition has also been published with an extra DVD.
GEO season Geo-Saison-Logo.svg The travel magazine light yellow multi-thematic to travel 1989 2 monthly
10 times a year
154.033 II / 2009 Deals with a focus destination, a dossier, tips for city trips and additional information. Predecessor: "GEO mobil" (dark orange border)
GEO season extra dark yellow monothematic to travel 1999 half-yearly 59 070,000 Shows landscapes, gardens, living styles, restaurants, hotels and vacation homes.
GEOlino Geolino Logo 2020.svg The experience booklet green multi-thematic children 1996 3-monthly (until Dec. 2000)
monthly (since Jan. 2001)
287,333 II / 2009 Aimed at children between eight and 14 years of age. Text, photography, illustrations and a mix of topics are supplemented by child-friendly booklet components such as game tips, puzzles, logelies, handicraft instructions, campaigns and posters. Circulation in the 2nd quarter of 2009: 287,333 copies. The magazine has also been published monthly in Braille since January 2010 .
GEOlino Extra light green monothematic children 2002 every six months
quarterly every
two months (since 2002)
116,380 II / 2009 Reports on a specific topic each and is for children aged eight to 16. It is a 100-page special issue from GEOlino magazine .
GEOmini Geo-Mini-Logo.svg yellow multi-thematic children 2009 090,000 First reading magazine for children from 5 years.
GEO epoch Geo epoch 2013.png The magazine for history black monothematic history 1999 every six months (until 2004)
quarterly (2004–2008)
bi-monthly (since 2008)
95 252,450 II / 2009 Deals with major historical topics such as ancient Egypt , the Roman Empire or the Middle Ages , but also with contemporary history such as the founding years of the Federal Republic or the importance of September 11, 2001. Since 2007, a partial edition has been published with an extra DVD .
GEO compact Geo-Compact-Logo.svg The basics of knowledge gray-blue monothematic science 2004 quarterly 57 180,000 In each case prepares a major topic of general education. Since issue 21 "The Solar System", a partial edition has been published with an extra DVD .
GEO epoch edition The history of art black monothematic history 2010 half-yearly 18th Deals with the history of art.
GEO theme GEOthema.png Selected photo reports from Geo White monothematic 2012 quarterly 10 Selected photo reports from GEO.
GEO epoch panorama Story in pictures wine red monothematic history 2013 half-yearly 13 Monothematic series of pictures on a historical theme.
GEO knowledge health pastel green monothematic health 2015 half-yearly 9 A partial edition appears with an extra DVD .
GEO epoch collection The best of the GEO era ash gray monothematic history 2015 quarterly 14th Monothematically compiled articles from the GEO era.
GEO extra alternating monothematic 2015 yearly 2 Special editions on special occasions and topics.
GEO knowledge nutrition orange monothematic nutrition 2016 half-yearly 6th A partial edition appears with an extra DVD .
GEOmini - The Discovery Book orange monothematic children 2016 quarterly 2 About 60 pages special edition of the magazine GEOmini each on a specific topic, for children from 5 years.
GEOmini - the holiday booklet White monothematic children 2014 yearly 2 Monothematic travel and vacation booklet for children from 5 years.
Walden Nature wants you back turquoise monothematic Survival 2015 half-yearly 3 Monothematic series about nature sports in the wilderness.
GEOlino delicacies blue children 4th Food series for children.

Book family

Hot air balloon with geo advertising

Numerous books and illustrated books are also published under the Geo brand , some in series.

Television broadcasts

The TV station Arte runs the magazine 360 ° - Geo-Reportage with a length of 30 or 55 minutes and, since July 2019, Geo Tour , which is moderated by Dorothée Haffner and lasts 43 minutes.

Biodiversity Day

On June 5, 1999, Geo launched the annual Geo-Day of Biodiversity . The task of the participants is to discover as many different plants and animals as possible in a limited area within 24 hours. The magazine organizes a main event with changing project partners and at the same time calls for accompanying activities. In the meantime, the Day of Biodiversity has become the largest field research campaign in Central Europe. Biodiversity Day projects take place around the world. Coming in from the UNEP -declared International Day for the preservation of biodiversity , however, committed on 22 May.

Web links

Commons : Geo (magazine)  - collection of images, videos and audio files

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