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Garcinia morella, illustration from Koehler 1887.

Garcinia morella ,
illustration from Koehler 1887.

Eurosiden I
Order : Malpighiales (Malpighiales)
Family : Clusiaceae
Subfamily : Clusioideae
Genre : Garcinia
Scientific name

Garcinia is a plant genus within the family of Clusiaceae . The 200 to 450 species are distributed in the tropics almost worldwide.

The mangosteen ( Garcinia mangostana ), also called the mangosteen or mangosteen tree, is often grown for its tasty, apple-sized fruits. Some species, Garcinia hanburyi and Garcinia morella , supply a as gum gutti known gum and Garcinia indica the kokum .


Types of Garcinia are shrubs or trees . They usually contain a yellow milky juice . Buds have no scales. The stalked leaves , arranged opposite or lively on the branches, are simple. Rarely are Stipules present.

The inflorescences are structured differently. The plants are mostly functionally dioecious, separate sexes ( diocesan ). In addition to unisexual flowers, there are sometimes also hermaphrodite. The flowers are usually four or five-fold and have a double perianth . The sepals are mostly free. The free or overgrown stamens or staminodes are in bundles. The ovary is on top. There are berries formed from one to eight large seeds. The seeds often have an aril .


Garcinia species have areas in tropical and southern Africa , Madagascar , tropical Asia , the Malay Archipelago , northeastern Australia , western Polynesia and the Neotropic .


The genus Garcinia was established in 1753 by Carl von Linné in Species Plantarum , 1, p. 443. The type species is Garcinia mangostana L. The generic name Garcinia honors the French botanist Laurent Garcin (1683–1752).

There are a number of synonyms for Garcinia L .: Brindonia Thouars , Cambogia L. , Discostigma Hasskarl , Hebradendron Graham , Mangostana Gaertner , Oxycarpus Loureiro , Rhinostigma Miquel , Rheedia L. , Tsimatimia Jum. & H.Perrier , Xanthochymus Roxburgh .


There are 200 to 450 types of Garcinia :

Asian species (selection):

Species from the Indonesian archipelago (selection):

African species (selection):

Neotropical species (selection):


Mangosteen ( Garcinia mangostana ):

Garcinia sessilis :


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