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Georg Denzler (born April 19, 1930 in Bamberg ) is a German Roman Catholic priest and professor emeritus of theology .


After graduating from the New Gymnasium in Bamberg , Denzler studied at Phil.-Theol from 1950 to 1955. University in Bamberg Catholic theology and was ordained a priest on July 31, 1955 .

From 1955 to 1959 he was a chaplain in Rehau , Scheßlitz , Forchheim and Schnaittach . In 1962 he received his doctorate at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich , and in 1967 he completed his habilitation in church history . From 1967 to 1971 he worked as a lecturer at the universities in Munich, Freising and Tübingen . In 1971 he was offered a chair for church history at the University of Bamberg . In 1998 Georg Denzler retired .

After his marriage in 1973, Georg Denzler was suspended from the priesthood by the Augsburg bishop Josef Stimpfle , in whose diocese he worked as a pastor, and his church teaching license was revoked. But he refused to be returned to the lay state.

On June 3, 2001 he was awarded the 1001 Christian Prize for critical engagement in the church by the parish of St. Michael in Schweinfurt . On July 31, 2005, he celebrated his golden jubilee as a priest with his family, as he was not invited to the anniversary celebration.

He is married to his former housekeeper and employee, they have two children.

According to his homepage, Denzler's motto is the words of Theodor Seuss Geisel : Be who you are and say what you feel! - Because those who are bothered by it don't count - and those who are counting are not bothered by it.


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