Georg Rechenauer

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Georg Rechenauer (born March 11, 1956 in Brannenburg ) is a German classical philologist .


Georg Rechenauer graduated from the Ignaz-Günther-Gymnasium in Rosenheim in 1975 and studied classical philology, history, German and philosophy at the University of Munich from 1976 after his military service . Here he passed the first state examination in 1983, then worked as a research assistant and completed his doctorate , which he achieved in 1985 with the dissertation Thucydides and Hippocratic Medicine: Scientific Methodology as a Model for Interpretation of History (printed 1991, Spudasmata 47). Until his habilitation in 1995, Rechenauer worked as a research assistant in Munich. He then represented chairs at the universities of Saarbrücken , Mainz and Regensburg for a few semesters each . Here he was appointed full professor for Greek studies in 1998 .

Rechenauer's research encompasses Greek literature from Homer and Hesiod to elegy and pre-Socratic philosophy to tragedy and comedy . He also deals with the philosophical schools and specialist writers of Hellenism and with Greek rhetoric and historiography . His research focuses on the historiography of Thucydides and the relationship between physics and ethics in the philosophy of Democritus .

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