Georges Friedel

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Georges Friedel

Georges Friedel (born July 19, 1865 in Mulhouse , † December 11, 1933 in Strasbourg ) was a French mineralogist and crystallographer .


Georges Friedel is the son of the famous chemist Charles Friedel . He studied at the École polytechnique in Paris and the École Nationale des Mines in Saint-Étienne and was a student of François Ernest Mallard (1833-1894). In 1893 he received a professorship at the École Nationale des Mines, whose director he later also became. After the First World War he returned to Alsace as a professor at the University of Strasbourg . In 1930 he took early retirement for health reasons. Since December 1917 he was a corresponding member of the Académie des sciences . Friedel was married and had five children. He died in 1933.

Scientific work

Like his teacher Mallard, Friedel studied the theories of Auguste Bravais . Friedel was able to prove the theoretical foundations created by Bravais ( Bravais lattice ) with the help of X-ray diffraction experiments on crystal lattices and thus provide physical evidence for it. One of the most important discoveries in his work is Friedel's law .

His son Edmond Friedel later carried out the first diffraction experiments on liquid crystals together with Louis de Broglie .

Important publications

  • Groupements cristallins (1904)
  • Etudes sur les lois de Bravais (1907)
  • Les états mésomorphes de la matiere (1922)

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