Ministry of Health (Italy)

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ItalyItaly Ministero della Salute
State level Country
Position of the authority Ministry
Consist since 1958
Headquarters Lungotevere Ripa, Rome
Minister of Health Roberto Speranza
Ministry of Health at Lungotevere Ripa in Rome

The Italian Ministry of Health ( Italian Ministero della Salute ) is one of the ministries of the Italian government . The ministry has two offices in Rome : the political leadership is located on Lungotevere Ripa on the right bank of the Tiber , opposite the Tiber Island , the ministerial administration is based in the Europa district . Acting Minister of Health is Roberto Speranza .


The Italian health system consists primarily of the National Health Service ( Servizio Sanitario Nazionale ) . Although the name suggests a national organization, the Italian regions are almost exclusively responsible in this area . The ministry takes on fundamental tasks such as national health planning and coordinating tasks. In its area of ​​responsibility, the Ministry represents Italy at international and European level, in particular at the World Health Organization and the European Medicines Agency .


The political leadership consists of the minister and one or two state secretaries . The latter are not civil servants in Italy, but politicians. Below the political management level, the ministry has been divided into three main departments ( dipartimenti ) since 2012 , which are responsible for policy matters and innovations in the health care system, for the national health service as well as for veterinary services and food security. Peripheral offices are mainly located at ports and airports , where they are particularly intended to prevent the introduction of certain diseases. A special unit of the Carabinieri is assigned to the ministry , which monitors and acts as a prosecutor in the areas of consumer protection and health care. The Ministry oversees the Italian Red Cross as well as various authorities (including drug approval) and institutes. Several scientific advisory boards also belong to the business area.


From 1861 to 1958, the Ministry of the Interior was responsible for health care. The health department of the ministry was subordinate to health departments at the provincial and municipal level, as well as some other special services. In 1945, a body was set up at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers to deal with basic health issues. From this body and parts of the Ministry of the Interior, the " Ministry of Health" ( Ministero della Sanità ) was created in 1958 . With the health reform of 1978, the "National Medical Service" was introduced, headed by the Ministry of Health. With the gradual transfer of numerous competences to the regions, the ministry essentially only had basic and coordination tasks. A reform of the Italian ministerial bureaucracy ( Rifoma Bassanini ) in 1999 provided for the amalgamation of the ministry with that of labor and social affairs. In 2001 it was re-established as the Ministry of Health, in 2008 the two ministries were merged again and then divided again in 2009.

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