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The Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport ( Italian Ministero delle Infrastrutture e dei Trasporti , MIT for short ) is one of the ministries of the Italian government . It is based at Porta Pia in Rome . Paola De Micheli ( PD ) has been Minister of Infrastructure and Transport since September 5, 2019 .


The Ministry is responsible for the public works and the transport networks , which fall under the national competence. In addition, it also has responsibilities in the area of spatial planning , urban and residential construction and the monitoring of public tenders .


The political leadership consists of the minister and two or three state secretaries . The latter are not civil servants in Italy, but politicians. Below the political leadership level, the ministry is divided into two main departments; one is responsible for the infrastructure and (internal) data processing, the other for transport and supporting tasks. There are also a number of advisory bodies.

The main infrastructure department (as of 2017) has eight central general directorates (departments) in Rome and seven regional directorates throughout Italy. The main department for traffic has eight central general directorates in Rome, which deal with central services with road traffic, rail traffic, public transport , shipping and air traffic, as well as five regional directorates, which include the local traffic offices (Ufficio della Motorizzazione Civile) are subject to. The latter are responsible in particular for the approval of people and the approval of vehicles for road traffic as well as for technical safety checks on vehicles.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport oversees a number of subordinate institutions and organizations, including the national road operating company ANAS , the state railway company Ferrovie dello Stato , the regulatory authority for rail traffic ( Rete Ferroviaria Italiana ), the agency for railway safety , the coast guard , the ship classification company RINA , port authorities , the Italian aviation authority ENAC , air traffic control company ENAV and the Confederation of Italian air sports clubs ( Aero Club d'Italia ) .


MIT was created in 2001 by amalgamating the ministries for public works and transport. The former goes back to the 1847 “State Secretariat for Public Works, Agriculture and Trade” ( Segretariato di Stato dei Lavori Pubblici, dell'Agricoltura e del Commercio ) of the Kingdom of Sardinia-Piedmont . From 1848 this kingdom was at the forefront of the Italian unification movement , into which the old Italian states were incorporated in 1861 and which thus took on the name Kingdom of Italy .

In 1848 the seven state secretariats that had existed until then were renamed ministries. From the aforementioned State Secretariat for Public Works, Agriculture and Trade, the Ministry for Public Works and the Ministry for Agriculture and Trade were created in 1848 by division . The Ministry of Public Works, which has existed for over 150 years, in 2001, when it merged with the Ministry of Transport, transferred parts of its tasks to the Ministry of the Environment .

The Ministry of Transport was first established in 1916 and was only responsible for shipping and railways at the time. In 1920 it was incorporated into the Ministry of Public Works, then re-established as an independent Ministry in 1944. In 1963 it was given responsibility for civil aviation , which had previously been with the Ministry of Defense . In 1993 it was taken over by the Ministry of Merchant Navy, founded in 1946. In 2001 it was merged with the Ministry of Public Works to form the new Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. From 2006 to 2008 the latter was again divided into two separate ministries. In November 2011, Corrado Passera took over the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and the Ministry of Economic Development (formerly “Industry and Trade”) as Minister of the Monti government .

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