Ministry of the Environment, Landscape and Marine Protection

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Headquarters of the Ministry in Via Cristoforo Colombo

The Ministry of the Environment, Landscape and Marine Protection ( Italian Ministero dell'ambiente e della tutela del territorio e del mare , or MATTM for short ) is the Italian Ministry of the Environment and part of the Italian government . Located on Via Cristoforo Colombo in Rome , the ministry was founded on August 1, 1986.

The current environment minister is Sergio Costa .


The ministry is responsible for fundamental questions of environmental policy , nature conservation and landscape management , soil protection , flood protection , marine protection and climate protection as well as environmental impact assessments .


The political leadership consists of the minister and two or three state secretaries . The latter are not civil servants in Italy, but politicians. The Secretary General is the head of the ministry and therefore the highest official . Administratively, the department heads ("general directors") of the currently seven departments ("general directors") of the ministry report to him:

  • General Tasks and Personnel Department
  • Department of Soil Protection and Water Management
  • Department for Nature and Marine Protection
  • Waste Management and Pollution Department
  • Climate and Energy Department
  • Sustainable Development and International Affairs Department
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Department

The department of the ministry includes the research institute Istituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale (ISPRA) as well as administrative institutions of national parks in Italy and other nature reserves as far as these are under national responsibility. Special departments or units of national police authorities are assigned to the Ministry , in particular the Carabinieri , the Guardia Costiera and the Guardia di Finanza .


The Ministero dell'Ambiente was founded in 1986 by the Craxi II cabinet ; before that, the Ministry of Cultural Property and since 1983 a minister without portfolio had worked on environmental matters. As part of a reform of the ministerial bureaucracy (Riforma Bassanini) , it was renamed Ministero dell'Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio in 1999 . In 2001 it took over part of the duties of the former Ministry of Public Works . In 2006 the ministry received its current name.

Previous ministers

minister Term of office cabinet
Alfredo Biondi 1983-1984 Cabinet Craxi I
Valerio Zanone 1984-1986 Cabinet Craxi I
Francesco De Lorenzo 1986-1987 Cabinet Craxi II
Mario Pavan 1987 Cabinet Fanfani VI
Giorgio Ruffolo 1987-1992 Goria , De Mita , Andreotti VI , Andreotti VII
Carlo Ripa di Meana 1992-1993 Cabinet Amato I
Francesco Rutelli 1993 Ciampi cabinet
Valdo Spini 1993-1994 Ciampi cabinet
Altero Matteoli 1994-1995 Berlusconi I cabinet
Paolo Baratta 1995-1996 Cabinet Dini
Edoardo Ronchi 1996-2000 Prodi I , D'Alema I , D'Alema II
Willer Bordon 2000-2001 Amato II cabinet
Altero Matteoli 2001-2006 Berlusconi II , Berlusconi III
Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio 2006-2008 Prodi II cabinet
Stefania Prestigiacomo 2008-2011 Berlusconi IV cabinet
Corrado Clini 2011-2013 Cabinet Monti
Andrea Orlando 2013-2014 Cabinet Letta
Gian Luca Galletti 2014-2018 Cabinet Renzi , Gentiloni
Sergio Costa since June 1, 2018 Cabinet Conte I , Conte II

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