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Gisela Reschke (* 1942 in Zamość ) is a German artist, colored paper expert and paper historian. She lives and works in Hamburg , deals with historical and innovative techniques of colored paper design and book art ; As an author, collector, course leader and exhibition organizer, she makes contributions to contemporary practice and the cultural history of colored paper.


Gisela Reschke completed training as a sick and operating room nurse from 1959 to 1964. From 1980 there was an autodidactic approach to the production of colored paper. She attended colored paper courses and advanced training seminars with various bookbinders and colored papers such as Anke Metz, Nedim Sönmez , Ole Lundberg, Hikmet Barutçugil, Max Heggendorn, Marianne Moll, Edwin Heim and Ilona Hesse-Ruckriegel. From 1995 she developed new colored paper techniques in her own workshop.


Reschke deals with the entire breadth of the technical techniques of colored paper making: paste paper, tunk paper, model paper, stamp paper, spatula paper, spray paper, monotype paper as well as mixed techniques.

Her conceptual considerations resulted in the statement in 2007: “I came to the decision to see the colored paper not only as part of the book, but also its special value as the ART of the book, as an art component in and on the book.” She also discovered the colored paper as "Part of the furniture, the rooms, the cardboard boxes, the musical instruments, etc."

She dealt with historical library holdings, researched and documented the variety of cover papers and endpapers to be found in the old holdings and rarities. She examined colored paper from the time before industrialization using the example of the main library of the Francke Foundations in Halle an der Saale . From the holdings primarily of the Berlin State Library and the Art Library - State Museums in Berlin, the exhibition Cloud Paste, Marble and Brocade grew in 1997 . Together with Frauke van der Wall, she worked on the exhibition dyed, combed, dipped, printed in 2011 , which was shown in the Mainfränkisches Museum in Würzburg . The close cooperation with the colored paper expert Guido Dessauer has proven itself time and again . This encouraged detailed research and practical tests with the collected inventory of print models from the Aschaffenburg colored paper factory founded in 1810.

The interaction of the textile manufacturer and book collector Max Morgenstern (1883-1946) as the initiator, the architect Josef Hoffmann as the designer and the craftsmen and artists of the Wiener Werkstätte could be determined and documented by her on the basis of design drawings in the Museum of Applied Arts (Vienna) .

Gisela Reschke's colored papers were made available to a broader circle of book lovers through the design of covers in the Insel-Bücherei .


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Exhibitions (selection)


  • Gisela Reschke - colored paper. Tradition and present. Gutenberg Museum, Mainz 2007.

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