Goswin Kaspar von Ketteler zu Harkotten

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Goswin Kaspar von Ketteler zu Harkotten (born October 16, 1658 in Füchtorf ; † October 17, 1719 in Harkotten ) was a representative of the Münster knighthood in the state parliament of the monastery of Münster.


Origin and family

Goswin Kaspar von Ketteler zu Harkotten grew up as the son of Goswin Kaspar Heidenreich von Ketteler zu Harkotten ex Bollen and his wife Anna von Schade zu Salvey together with his brothers Johann Heidenreich , Christoph Joest and Alexander Johann Hermann († 1695, provost in Cappenberg ) ancient noble family von Ketteler . His grandfather Goswin von Ketteler zu Middelburg married the heiress Christine von Korff called Schmising in 1615. As a result, the line from Korff to Schmising passed into the von Ketteler family. On November 21, 1686 Goswin Kaspar married Anna Dorothea von Korff zu Harkotten (1659–1700). The sons Alexander Anton , Christoph Heinrich , Friedrich Christian and Goswin Ferdinand Moritz (1699–1784, provost in Cappenberg) came from the marriage .


With the receipt of the tonsure on February 5, 1668 Goswin Kaspar was prepared for a clerical office. In 1672 he received a cathedral priest and became a canon in Worms . In this position he remained until 1678 when he renounced . On May 19, 1684 the revival to the knighthood of Münster took place. He was a member of the Landtag , a body made up of the three estates. His task was to regulate the tax system and from 1447 also the feudal system in the bishopric of Münster .


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