Gottfried Eichler the Younger

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Title copper for Sebastian Walch's portraits of the mayors of Zurich , drawn by Eichler and engraved by T. Laub
Title page for Johann Christoph Georg Bodenschatz: Ecclesiastical constitution of today's Jews, especially those in Germany , 1748, drawn by Eichler and engraved by Georg Paul Nussbiegel.

Gottfried Eichler , called the younger . (full name Johann Gottfried Eichler , * 1715 in Augsburg , † October 21, 1770 in Augsburg) was a German draftsman and engraver .


Gottfried Eichler was a son of the painter Gottfried Eichler the Elder (1677–1759) and Anna Barbara , née Riß . After an apprenticeship with his father, he stayed in Vienna and Nuremberg .

In 1743, at the time the University of Erlangen was founded by Margrave Friedrich von Brandenburg-Bayreuth , Eichler was one of the first teachers to receive the position of university master of drawing and university engraver, which he gave up in 1751. He returned Eichler to his hometown. In 1752 he married Sabine Margarethe , née Held , with whom he fathered the later draftsman and engraver Matthias Gottfried Eichler (1748–1821).


Eichler came out above all with the mezzotint technique . He made portrait prints and illustrated thesis sheets .

He was involved in

  • "Kilian's Bible ", Philipp Andreas Kilian's Picture Bible ;
  • Location of high knight orders, secondary title, temporary almanac for the year after the gracious birth of our Lord and Heyland Jesus Christ (= Théatre des plus célèbres Ordres de Chevalerie ), drawn by Gottfried Eichler and then engraved by Jacob A. Friderich , Augspurg: Friderich, 1755 (verified until 1957);
  • Paul von Stetten : Mr. Paul von Stetten, the youngest explanation of the performances engraved in copper, from the history of the imperial city of Augsburg: In historical letters to a woman , Conrad Heinrich Stage, Augsburg 1765; Digitized version of the Bavarian State Library

and provided the drawing for the title copper engraved by Tobias Laub of Sebastian Walch's portraits of all gentlemen burger masters, The Excellent Republique, Stadt und Vor-Orths Zürich From the 1336th bit to the 1742th year , Kempten 1756.


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