Gottfried I. (Lower Lorraine)

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Gottfried I (* 940/945; † August 5, 964 in Rome ), from the Matfriede family , was Count in Hainaut in 958 , Count in Gillgau in 962 and Duke of Lower Lorraine from 959 to 964 . He was the eldest son of Count Palatine Gottfried von Lothringen , Count in Jülichgau († June 1 after 949) and the Ermentrud of France (* 908/916), a daughter of King Charles the Simple from the Carolingian family . On his father's side, he was related to the ruling Liudolfingern .

Archbishop Brun of Cologne (953-965), Otto I's brother and educator and friend Gottfried, appointed him - presumably as the successor to his father, the Count Palatine - as his deputy in Lorraine, although the year of assumption of office cannot be determined. In June 958 Gottfried received the possessions of the deposed Count Reginar III. awarded. A year later he received the title of duke for Lower Lorraine.

Gottfried accompanied Otto I on his Italian expedition, where he - like Archbishop Heinrich I von Trier and many others - died of an epidemic after the siege and conquest of the city in the summer of 964 without leaving any descendants.

Gottfried cannot have reached a high age because he was raised by Archbishop Brun, who was born in 925 himself and took up his ecclesiastical office in 953; the birth of Gottfried between 940 and 945 thus seems likely.


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predecessor Office successor
Reginar III. Count of Bergen
Archbishop Brun of Cologne Duke of Lower Lorraine
Richar (owner of executive power)
Karl [I.] (Duke)