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The county of Paris was a county established by the Frankish kings around 480 for the supremacy of an area of ​​approx. 2500 km² around Paris . The title of Count of Paris replaced the Roman civitas of the former Lutetia . The titleholders were the Gerhardiner , the Robertiner and the French Burchardinger , who also held the county of Melun . When the county passed into the hands of the king around 1007, the title fell to the crown.

In the course of the controversy for the throne of the 19th century , several Orleanist pretenders appropriated the pure title of Count of Paris ( Comte de Paris ), in particular Philippe d'Orléans and Henri d'Orléans .

Count of Paris


Gerhardiner / Matfriede

  • Gerhard I, Count of Paris, 753–779 attested
  • Stephan († 811), Count of Paris
  • Beggo I († 816), Count of Paris 811
  • Beggo II, Count of Paris († after 861)
  • Leuthard († 861/871)
  • Gerhard II. († 878/879) Count of Paris, Count ( dux ) of Viennois, called Gerhard of Roussillon
  • Adalhard († 890) Count Palatine , 882–890 attested as Count of Paris, grandson of Beggos I.


  • Conrad I of Auxerre († after 862) Count of Paris 849
  • Konrad († 882) Count of Paris



Duke of Orléans