County of Evreux

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The county of Évreux includes the ancient pagus ebroicinus (now called Évrecin). Its capital was Évreux , the most important castles Tillières-sur-Avre and L'Aigle . The Count of Évreux defended the Normandy border in the south towards the County of Le Perche , the Lordship of Bellême and the County of Chartres .

The first count - and at the same time archbishop of Rouen - was Robert, a son of Richard I of Normandy. The county passed by inheritance to the county of Montfort-l'Amaury and after the expropriation of the Montforts on May 22, 1200 by the contract of Le Goulet, was taken over into the Domaine royal . King Philip IV gave the county to his brother Ludwig as Paragium in 1298 .

In 1316 and again in 1427 the county of Évreux was raised to a peerage .

Counts of Evreux


House Montfort

In 1195, Évreux was conquered by King Philip II and, according to the Treaty of Le Goulet in 1200, was united with the crown domain.

House France-Évreux

The county was part of the French crown domain from 1200 to 1298 ; In 1298 King Philip IV gave it to his brother Ludwig.

The county was founded on an unknown date by King Charles VI. to Karl II. son Karl III. returned, who ceded it to him in 1404 against a rent of 12 livres and the title of Duke of Nemours as peer of France .

This agreement marked the end of the county of Évreux. King Charles IX let it revive again in 1569 as a duchy and peerage in favor of his brother Franz von Alençon , a title that was given by Henry III. It was confirmed in 1574, but with the death of the title holder in 1584 it seems to have become extinct.

House La Tour d'Auvergne

As compensation for the occupied Duchy of Bouillon and Principality of Sedan, the La Tour d'Auvergne received 1651 a. a. the county of Evreux

  • 1651–1652: Frédéric Maurice (1605–1652), 6th Duke of Bouillon , 5th Prince of Sedan, 1651 Duc d' Albret et de Château-Thierry, Comte d'Auvergne , d'Évreux et de Beaumont-le-Roger
  • 1652–1721: Godefroy Maurice (1636–1721), 1652 2nd Duc d'Albret et de Château-Thierry, Comte d'Auvergne, d'Évreux et de Beaumont-le-Roger, 1665 Pair de France, 1678 7th Duc de bouillon
  • 1721–1730: Emmanuel Théodose (1668–1730) 1696 8th Duke of Bouillon, 1721 3rd Duc d'Albret et de Château-Thierry, Comte d'Auvergne, d'Évreux et de Beaumont-le-Roger, Pair de France
    • Henri Louis de La Tour d'Auvergne (1674–1753) called le Comte d'Évreux
  • 1730–1771: Charles Godefroy (1706–1771), 9th Duke of Bouillon, 4th Duc d'Albret et de Château-Thierry, Pair de France etc.
  • 1771–1791: Godefroi Charles Henri de La Tour d'Auvergne (1728–1792), 10th Duke of Bouillon by 1791, 5th Duc d'Albret et de Château-Thierry, Pair de France

Title of the Orléanist pretender


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