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Gregor Kalivoda (* 1949 in Wertingen near Augsburg ) is a German linguist . From 1987 to 2011 he was managing director of the DFG project " Historical Dictionary of Rhetoric ". Since 2012 he has been a research assistant and lecturer at the "Seminar for General Rhetoric " at the University of Tübingen .


Kalivoda studied German and political science at the Pedagogical University in Weingarten from 1970 to 1974 and then worked for two years in the school service. From 1976 to 1980 he completed a master’s degree at the University of Konstanz in the subjects of theoretical linguistics , modern German literature and political science. During this course he received a scholarship from the German National Academic Foundation. After his master's degree he worked as a research assistant at the University / GHS Kassel . In 1986 Kalivoda received his doctorate with a thesis on "Parliamentary Rhetoric and Argumentation". Since 1987 he has worked as a research assistant at the seminar for general rhetoric at the University of Tübingen in teaching, research and science organization.

Rhetoric Research

His main fields of research are: the connection between rhetoric, grammar and logic, rhetoric and pragma / text linguistics, political rhetoric, interdisciplinary topical research, stylistics, rhetoric and art history, legal rhetoric, the scientific concept of rhetoric, rhetoric and homiletics.

Together with Hartwig Kalverkämper (Humboldt University Berlin) and Gert Ueding (University of Tübingen), Kalivoda founded a new research and publication project in 2014: The handbooks rhetoric with a volume of 13 volumes of approx. 600 pages each. The individual volumes document the current state of research in the relevant subject. The volumes on literary rhetoric and media rhetoric have now been published. In 2017, the volumes on the subjects of visual rhetoric, ancient rhetoric as well as rhetoric and philosophy will be published. An international group of authors is involved in this project. The manuals are published by Verlag de Gruyter and the Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft.


1st monograph

  • Parliamentary rhetoric and reasoning. Investigations into the language use of the 1st United State Parliament in Berlin 1847. Frankfurt, Bern and New York 1986 (= Kassel works on language and literature 16).

2. Articles and online texts

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  • Political Speech - Political Communication; held on May 4th, 2017: Lecture on the lecture series "Lively Rhetoric: 50 Years of the Seminar for General Rhetoric"
  • Various explanations of terms (unpublished, 2018): rhetorical spaces , topic , topos , scientific rhetoric , scientific concept of rhetoric

3. Reviews

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4. Editing

  • Ways of Modern Rhetoric Research, ed. together with Gert Ueding (2014)

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