Grigory Mkrtychevich Mkrtychan

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Soviet UnionSoviet Union  Grigory Mkrtychan Ice hockey player
Grigory Mkrtychan
Date of birth January 3, 1925
place of birth Krasnodar , Russian SFSR
date of death February 14, 2003
Place of death Moscow , Russia
position goalkeeper
Career stations
1947-1950 HK CSKA Moscow
1950-1953 WWS MWO Moscow
1953-1958 HK CSKA Moscow

Grigori Mkrtytschewitsch Mkrtytschan ( Russian Григорий Мкртычевич Мкртычан ., Scientific transliteration Grigory Mkrtyčevič Mkrtyčan , Armenian Կրիկոր Մկրտիչյան , scientific transliteration. Krikor Mkrtič'yan ; * 3. January 1925 in Krasnodar , Russian SFSR ; † 14. February 2003 in Moscow ) was a Soviet - Russian ice hockey player , - coach and -funktionär Armenian nationality . He was the bearer of the Badge of Honor of the Soviet Union , the Medal for Brave Work and the Order of Merit for the Fatherland, 2nd class .


Mkrtichan's father fled the massacres in Armenia in 1915 to Krasnodar, where Grigory Mkrtichan was born in 1925. Soon the family moved to Moscow , where Mkrtichan first played football as a child. In winter bandy was played instead of football , but since he was not quite as quick on runners, his friends chose him as goalkeeper.

In 1946 he received an invitation from the coach of the ice hockey team manpower reserve , Gavriil Katschalin , to play as a goalkeeper in his team. In the semi-finals of the USSR Cup, his team met HK CSKA Moscow . Although the team around Vsevolod Bobrov , Babitsch, Nikanorow, Vinogradow and Anatoly Tarasov won , but the real hero of the game was Grigory Mkrtichan, who kept many shots on his goal. A year later he played for CSKA Moscow, with whom he won the Soviet championship in 1948. In the following two seasons, CSKA won two more championship titles before half of the team was delegated to WWS MWO Moscow , as their entire first team had an accident in a plane crash. With WWS MWO Mkrtichan won the Soviet championship and the 1952 cup competition in the following three years, before the club was dissolved and he returned to CSKA Moscow. With CSKA he won three more championship titles and the cup competitions of 1954, 1955 and 1956. In total, he was in goal in 170 games in the Soviet league .

In 1951 he was named the Honored Master of Sports of the USSR . After the end of his career, he was in charge of HK Lokomotiv Moscow as a trainer between 1960 and 1962 and took third place with the team in the 1961 championship. After that, he was a member of the Sports Committee of the Russian SFSR and the Soviet Union. In 1967 he was named an Honored Coach of the USSR . From 1992 he was a member of the board of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation , the Russian Professional League and the Russian Ice Hockey Arbitration Court.

In 2004 he was posthumously inducted into the Russian ice hockey hall of fame.


In 1954 Mkrtytschan was appointed to the newly founded team of the Soviet national ice hockey team and together with Nikolai Putschkow formed the first goalkeeper duo of the national selection. On February 14, 1954 he was in a game against Czechoslovakia for the first time for the Sbornaja on the ice. After two more preparatory games against Switzerland, the USSR team made their debut at the Ice Hockey World Championship in 1954 , where they won both the world championship and the European championship. A year later, at the World Cup in 1955 , Mkrtichan won the silver medal with the Sbornaya

His international career was crowned with a gold medal at the 1956 Winter Olympics . For the national team, he was in goal in 25 international matches. On January 26, 1958, he played his last international match for the Soviet Union. Arkady Tschernyschow , coach of the national team between 1954 and 1957, says of Mkrtichan: “He was the first Soviet goalkeeper to play on an international level. And in this sense he is really the father of the Soviet ice hockey goalkeeping school. "

Achievements and Awards

  • Soviet champion in 1948, 1949, 1950, 1955, 1956 and 1958 with HK CSKA Moscow
  • Soviet champion 1951, 1952, 1953 with WWS MWO Moscow
  • Soviet cup winner 1952 with WWS MWO Moscow
  • Soviet cup winner in 1954, 1955 and 1956 with HK CSKA Moscow



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