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Hans-Joachim Wiese (* 20th September 1940 in Rheinhausen ; † 14. November 2007 in Duisburg ), also known as Hajo meadow, was a German restaurateur , Internet pioneer and organizer of art exhibitions and jazz - concerts .


Wiese, who had studied education and philosophy with Josef Pieper and Josef Ratzinger , was originally a teacher . In 1966 he founded the Rheinhausen Municipal Collections , a series of art exhibitions , the follow-up events of which are still held in Handelstrasse in Rheinhausen to this day . In the eight years that Wiese directed the Rheinhausen Municipal Collections , Joseph Beuys , Günther Uecker , Hans Arp , Norbert Kricke , Michel Seuphor and Hannah Höch took part in the exhibition series.

1978 Wiese took over the historic village tavern in Friemersheim ; In 1980, he turned it into 32 squares that time smallest cinema a Germany that was also the smallest nationwide cinema, with full-frame 35mm films was recorded.

The culturally committed Wiese brought unusual artists to appear in his restaurant. In 1990, for example, the Great Symphony Orchestra of the Soviet Radio performed there under the direction of Vladimir Ivanovich Fedoseev .

His keen interest in computers and the Internet led Wiese to turn his restaurant into the first Internet café in Germany on October 12, 1994 by making three public Internet terminals available to his guests . The "Cybercafe" became known nationwide through the broadcast of the SWF in October 1994.

In the late 1990s, organized meadow in Friemersheim a number of jazz - concerts in which, among other things Ali Haurand , Wilton Gaynair , Reiner Winterschladen , Henning Berg , the European Jazz Quintet and Helge Schneider occurred.

After 2000, Wiese got increasingly into financial difficulties and could no longer pay the rent for the building of the village inn, which belongs to the city of Duisburg. In October 2004 the restaurant was evicted and Wiese had to withdraw from his activities.

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