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Hans Oliva-Hagen (born April 14, 1922 in Berlin - Nikolassee ; † 1992 ) was a journalist , writer and screenwriter in the GDR who wrote under the pseudonyms Hans Oliva and John Ryder . His most important works include his collaboration on the screenplays for the DEFA film Karbid und Sauerampfer (1963) and the five-part GDR television film Conscience in Riot (1961).


Hans Hagen was born as the son of the economist and bank archivist Hermann Hagen. He attended boarding school in Switzerland , which he had to leave after finishing elementary school.

In 1937 he went to Spain and volunteered for the International Brigades that fought on the part of the Spanish Republican government against the coup plotters under General Franco , but was turned down because of his young age. He then moved to France, where he worked in Marseille a . a. worked as a dock worker. From 1940 he lived again in Berlin and was active in the resistance against the Nazis. In 1941 he was arrested by the police during an illegal leaflet campaign and imprisoned in Moabit prison. While trying to escape from the Dahlem domain , where he was employed as a prison harvest worker, he was caught and severely ill-treated. In 1945 the Red Army stormed Moabit Prison and it was liberated.

Hans Hagen's father, whom the Nazis viewed racially as a Jew , was killed in the special campaign against Jews from 27./28. May 1942, a reaction by the Nazis to the assassination attempt on Heydrich , abducted from Berlin to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp and murdered there on May 29, 1942.

After the end of the World War, Hans Hagen lived in the eastern part of Berlin administered by the Soviet Union , joined the SED - from which he was later excluded because of criticism - and initially worked in the administration of radio and press. Since 1952 he has been a freelance journalist and writer.

On May 4th 1954 he married the actress Eva-Maria Hagen in Berlin- Prenzlauer Berg . The marriage ended in divorce in 1959. Their daughter Catharina "Nina" Hagen , born on March 11, 1955, stayed with her mother after the divorce.


  • 1955: The barbed animal - Episode 41: The household miracle (idea)
  • 1958: On special order (script with Heinz Thiel)
  • 1961: Conscience in turmoil , TV novel in 5 parts (script with Günter Reisch and Hans-Joachim Kasprzik )
  • 1962: The Last Chance (screenplay)
  • 1963: carbide and sorrel (screenplay with Frank Beyer )
  • 1963: three wars. 1. Tauroggen, GDR TV film (screenplay with Roland Gräf and Norbert Büchner)
  • 1963: The other next to you (screenplay with Ulrich Thein and Hartwig Strobel)
  • 1964: three wars. 2. Behind the Fronts, GDR TV film (screenplay with Roland Gräf and Norbert Büchner)
  • 1965: three wars. 3. In Berlin, GDR television film (screenplay with Roland Gräf and Norbert Büchner)
  • 1966: Trick 17b, GDR television film (dramaturgy)
  • 1966: Asse (screenplay with Karl Gass)

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  • 1961 National Prize of the GDR 1st class for art and culture (as part of the collective for the screenplay on Conscience in Turmoil )

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