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Hans Till (born December 16, 1920 in Arad ; † January 24, 2012 ; actually Johann Anton Till ) was an Austrian gardener and specialist in the cactus genus Gymnocalycium .

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Hans Till was the first son of a watchmaker and a milliner. He took an early interest in plants and wanted to study garden architecture after graduating from high school. Since the family became impoverished in the economically difficult 1930s, he had to leave high school and began an apprenticeship as a gardener in Temeschburg with the respected commercial gardener Carl Reichert. When this gardener became the court gardener of Elisabeth von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen , he took Hans Till with him.

In 1940 Hans Till was called up for military service. He served in a mountain regiment on the front near Murmansk . After his release from captivity , he found work in a nursery in Braunau am Inn in 1945 . It was there that Hans Till met his wife Rosa, whom he married in 1946. He had four children with her. In 1951, Hans Till went into business for himself and founded a nursery in Attersee . In the mid-1980s, he handed over his nursery to his second oldest son, Günther, and retired.

He reduced his extensive cactus collection and from then on concentrated exclusively on the genus Gymnocalycium . In 1988, Hans Till and Franz Strigl founded the “Gymnocalycium” working group of the Society of Austrian Cactus Friends . Several times - in 1987, 1988, 1990, 1993 and 1996 - he traveled to Argentina to study the genus Gymnocalycium in its natural habitat. Hans Till published the first description of several Gymnocalycium species. His most important contribution to the understanding of this genus was an inquirer classification of the genus based on the morphology of the seeds . Hans Till was a member of the International Organization for Succulent Research .


Walter Rausch named the cactus Gymnocalycium tillianum in honor of Hans Till . The Society of Austrian Cactus Friends made him an honorary member.

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Hans Till published more than 140 articles in various succulent magazines, including:

  • Reorganization of the genus Gymnocalycium . In: Gymnocalycium . Volume 14, 2001, pp. 385-404.
  • Nomenclatory corrections to the article "Reorganization of the genus Gymnocalycium" . In: Gymnocalycium . Volume 16, Number 2, 2003, p. 517.


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