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Hansjörg Zauner (born December 2, 1959 in Salzburg ; † June 30, 2017 ) was an Austrian writer and visual artist .


Zauner spent his childhood and youth in Obertraun and completed the secondary school (B-Zug without English) in Bad Goisern and the commercial school in Bad Ischl . He lived in Vienna and Obertraun.

He devoted himself to experimental poetry and prose, visual work, cine films (in Super 8 format ) and was editor of the magazine for new poetry SOLANDE . Together with Gerald Jatzek he was the editor of the anthology “Gedichte nach 1984” - poetry from Austria. In 1985 he was honored with the Theodor Körner Prize for Artistic Photography. In the 1980s he experimented with self-nude photos. In 1997/98 he had a studio in the Cité des Arts , Paris . In addition, he had numerous art exhibitions at home and abroad.

Hansjörg Zauner died at the end of June 2017 at the age of 57 from complications after a hip operation.


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  • Karin Krautschick: Hansjörg Zauner's language experiment and the concept of the 'materiality' of language. (University of Leipzig: Diploma thesis, 1990 [1] )
  • Karin Krautschick: From the beginnings of the modern age critical of language to the current writing strategies of authors who work with language experiments. Trends in contemporary experimental poetry, examined using the work of the Austrian author Hansjörg Zauner. (University of Leipzig: Dissertation, 1995)

(See also the experimental film 8-lined-donkey by Karin Krautschick, made in 1990 , which offers a coherent visualization and interpretation of Zauner's texts.)

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