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Gerald Jatzek at the Erlanger Poetenfest 2012
Gerald Jatzek (mandolin) and Christian Orou (guitar), 2007 in Vienna
Gerald Jatzek at the Nuremberg Bardentreffen 1978

Gerald Jatzek (born January 23, 1956 in Vienna ) is an Austrian author, musician and journalist.

life and work

He received his doctorate in 1981 in the subjects of journalism and education. In the 1970s and 1980s he was a street musician and a member of the work group literature in the world of work in Vienna. Since 1997 he has been the online editor of the Wiener Zeitung , for which he regularly writes about folk and world music. In addition to numerous children's books, he wrote poems, radio plays for broadcasters in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, as well as children's theater pieces. Since 2004 he has been a member of the cabaret " Echo der Heimat ". As a programmer and journalist, he is also a member of the Wiener Zeitung's online editorial team . Gerald Jatzek is a member of the Graz Authors' Assembly , the Podium literary group and the Association of Austrian Dialect Authors. In 2009 the choir cycle Die Wundertüte (compositions: Claudia Nicolai ) was premiered at the Akademie für Tonkunst in Darmstadt. In 2001 he was awarded the Austrian State Prize for Children's Poetry and the Austrian Children's Book Prize. Musically he has been working with producer Thomas Raber since 2011.

In 2012 he was a member of the jury for the award The Extraordinary Book of the children and youth program of the Berlin International Literature Festival .


As an author

As editor

  • Poems after 1984 . Poetry from Austria, ed. by Gerald Jatzek and Hansjörg Zauner , Edition Ahnungen, Vienna 1985, ISBN 390057701-3
  • Relief in showing the tongue . Poetry against frustration, ed. by Gerald Jatzek and Manfred Chobot , Verlag Jugend & Volk, Vienna 1989, ISBN 3-224-11446-0
  • I think, I think what you do not think . Anthology for children, Neuer Breitschopf Verlag, Vienna 1991, ISBN 3-7004-0157-4
  • If I could do magic! Anthology for children, Neuer Breitschopf Verlag, Vienna 1993
  • Vile without, but real , Viennese satire and humor from 100 years, ed. by Gerald Jatzek and Manfred Chobot , Edition Mokka, Vienna 2011, ISBN 978-3-902693-27-3


  • (with Claudia Hainschink :) The song behind the song. Dialect poems and chanson texts. Cassette with text booklet, IDI, Vienna 1979
  • Claudia Nicolai and Gernot Kögel (music), Gerald Jatzek (texts): "Die Trottellumme und other weird birds", CD and booklet, Helbling Verlag, Esslingen am Neckar 2013, ISBN 978-3-86227-151-1

Productions with Thomas Raber (since 2011)

  • The tiger and the hunter , time , a child is not a machine on the CD "Liederfundkiste - Juchhe der Erste Schnee", RATOM-Edition, Vienna 2011
  • Abracadabra , Hansel and Gretel on the toilet on the CD "Liederfundkiste - In Kinderstadt", RATOM Edition, Vienna 2012
  • Tsching Tschang Tschung on the CD "Liederfundkiste - A school for cool people", RATOM edition, Vienna 2012
  • Valentins Lied , Im Zauberwald on the CD "Liederfundkiste - Mama, I love you so", RATOM Edition, Vienna 2013
  • Eh net von do , with the formation jatzek.raber.schmoelz (Gerald Jatzek, Thomas Raber, Elke Schmölz) at the protest song contest 2014 (pre-finals of the best 25), RATOM edition, Vienna 2014

Awards (selection)

Liechtenstein Prize Certificate (1980)

Festival participation

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