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Harald Kretzschmar during a finissage in October 2009

Harald Kretzschmar (born May 23, 1931 in Berlin ) is a German caricaturist , graphic artist and columnist who is best known for his portrait caricatures.


After graduating from the Kreuzschule in Dresden , Harald Kretzschmar studied from 1950 to 1955 at the Leipzig School of Graphics and Book Art . Since then he has been working freelance. In 1954 he published his first caricatures in the Leipziger Volkszeitung . Encouraged by Hannes Hegen , he came to Eulenspiegel in 1955 , where he stayed until 1991 and soon became a permanent member of the cartoonists' tribe.

In the Association of Visual Artists of the GDR , as chairman of the central caricature section , he organized numerous exhibitions, such as economics , carigraphy and the Satiricum Greiz, which was intended as the GDR's national caricature collection . In addition to press publications, increasingly in the daily press since 1990, he has made prints and other freelance works (acrylic portraits). He is also a sought-after quick portraitist for events of all kinds. His first theater experience, "Nathan the Wise" with Erich Ponto in the devastated Dresden, he said in an interview with the young world in 2019 , had made him a "political person".

In 2008 he made a lasting memory of his new hometown Kleinmachnow , where he has lived since 1956 and many other well-known painters and writers with him, with his book Paradies der Encounter: The artist town of Kleinmachnow .

Some of the works are in the collections of the House of History Foundation of the Federal Republic of Germany.


1971 Art Prize of the GDR

Works (selection)

Portrait cartoons

Satirical printmaking

  • 1980 The legacy of the dictator
  • 1982 help!
  • 1983 The dear collective
  • 1984 Na na na na
  • 1988 Pointers

Political cartoons

  • 1965 The boy has ideas! Like the Bauakademie ...
  • 1968 I manage!
  • 1975 We are in the best of throwaway society
  • 1989 Erich's Christmas tree
  • 1998 The index, the index, is always right
  • 2000 You don't mean there is a system?

Exhibitions (selection)

  • From the fourth German art exhibition in 1958/59 onwards, Harald Kretzschmar was repeatedly represented at the art exhibitions of the GDR .
  • In 2011 his exhibition “In the best throwaway society” was on view in the museum in Luckau .
  • In 2017 the Willi-Sitte-Galerie in Merseburg is showing the exhibition “Harald Kretzschmar: Right through and in the middle - satirical drawings on the unculture of our time 1954–2016”.

Literature (selection)

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  • 1965: Mime gallery. Portrait caricatures by Harald Kretzschmar commented on by Rudi Strahl, Henschel, Berlin.
  • 1970: Kretschmar . With an essay by Diether Schmidt . Verlag der Kunst, Dresden (painter and work series)
  • 1980: Eulen-Menschen , Eulenspiegel, Berlin.
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  • 2017: No system criticism equals no quality? In: Neues Deutschland from 18./19. February 2017, p. 21 (detailed review of three books on satire and political caricature in the GDR)
  • 2017: I always experience the wrong thing. The alternative artist report , Quintus-Verlag , Berlin, ISBN 978-3-947215-03-4 .

Individual evidence

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