Publishing house for Berlin-Brandenburg

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Publishing house for Berlin-Brandenburg
legal form one-man business
founding 1993
Seat Berlin-Pankow , Germany
management André Forster
Branch Book publisher

The publishing house for Berlin-Brandenburg , based in Berlin-Pankow, is a book publisher with a focus on topics of cultural (especially literary) and contemporary history.


Founded in 1993 as a GmbH with headquarters in Potsdam , the publishing house for Berlin-Brandenburg was initially a specialist publisher with a focus on regional history , contemporary history , German-Jewish history , archival studies and media studies . After several changes of ownership, the former program manager of the publishing house, André Förster , took over the publishing business in 2010 and expanded the publishing house into a general-interest publisher with a regional focus.

The publisher is a member of the German Book Trade Association . In 2019 he received the German Publishing Prize .

Publishing program

The publisher's program mainly contains travel literature with reference to Berlin and Brandenburg as well as cultural and contemporary titles; Recently, the history of literature (also supraregional) has been given particular weight in the program.

Successful titles in the book trade and literary criticism are u. a. Döblins Berlin , Kästners Berlin and ETA Hoffmanns Berlin by Michael Bienert, Fontanes Berlin by Bernd Seiler, the new edition of Franz Hessel's walks in Berlin and Dichterland Brandenburg by Werner Liersch.

The publisher has dealt with titles and a. on Christa and Gerhard Wolf, Stefan Heym, Anna Seghers, Elisabeth Langgässer, Werner Bergengruen, Kurt Tucholsky, Joachim Ringelnatz, Gerhart Hauptmann, Max Liebermann and Elizabeth Shaw positioned as a forum for sophisticated non-fiction topics. In addition, periodicals of literary societies ( Argonaut ship. Yearbook of the Anna Seghers Society Berlin and Mainz eV; Bergengrueniana. Periodical of the Werner Bergengruen Society and writings of the Rudolf Borchardt Society) are published.

There has been a sales cooperation with the Kleist Museum Frankfurt (Oder) since 2012 through its bibliophile series Frankfurter Buntbücher . Once and Now - the successful series of the Märkische Oderzeitung - has been continued by Verlag für Berlin-Brandenburg since 2016 .

Imprint Quintus

The publisher's books have been published under the Imprint Quintus-Verlag since 2016 . Quintus, founded on May 23, 2016, is named after Jean Paul's idyll Leben des Quintus Fixlein , whose main character, Quintus Fixlein, is also a writer. The program is primarily determined by topics from literary and cultural history.

The authors and editors of Quintus Verlag include Jörg Aufenanger , Friedrich Dieckmann, Jaroslav Durych , Birgit Krehl, Elke and Lothar Lang , Klaus Walter , Joochen Laabs , Wilhelm von Sternburg , Dieter Weidenbach and Walter Kaufmann .


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