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Christa Wolf and Günter de Bruyn at the Berlin Encounter to Promote Peace (1981)

Günter Martin de Bruyn [ də ˈbʀɔɪn ] (born November 1, 1926 in Berlin ) is a German writer .


Günter de Bruyn was born the youngest of four children. He spent childhood and school in Berlin-Britz . He took from 1943 to 1945 as an Air Force auxiliary and soldier in Czechoslovakia in World War II in part. After his release from American captivity and a stay in a hospital because of a head injury, he found a job as a farm worker in Hesse . After his return to Berlin in 1946, he was trained as a new teacher in Potsdam . Until 1949 he worked as a teacher in Garlitz in the Havelland.

From 1949 to 1953 he trained as a librarian . He then worked until 1961 as a research assistant at the Central Institute for Libraries in East Berlin . At that time he also worked as a lecturer and published works on library studies.

De Bruyn has been working as a freelance writer since 1961 . From 1965 to 1978 he was a member of the central board of the GDR Writers' Association , and from 1974 to 1982 he was a member of the Presidium of the GDR PEN Center . At the GDR writers' congress in Berlin in 1981 he was one of the few criticisms of the GDR's politics:

“[You] have a bad feeling when you open the newspapers when the GDR welcomes the antiwar struggle of Christians, pacifists and conscientious objectors across the borders, but the antiwar struggle of Christians, pacifists and conscientious objectors within its own borders is hindered. "

- Günter de Bruyn (1981)

The already printed edition of his novel New glory was at the behest of the second instance of censorship makuliert . Only after Neue Herrlichkeit was published in West Germany in 1984 (by Fischer) could it also appear in the GDR in 1985 (by Mitteldeutscher Verlag in Halle).

In October 1989 he refused to accept the GDR national prize because of the government's “rigidity, intolerance and inability to dialogue”. He “publicly questioned his own behavior like no other GDR author”.

He is a member of the PEN Center Germany and the Board of Trustees of the Academy for Spoken Word in Stuttgart.

One son is the writer and museum director Wolfgang de Bruyn . Günter de Bruyn lives in Berlin and Görsdorf - Blabber am Blabbergraben near Beeskow ( Oder-Spree district ).

Artistic creation

Günter de Bruyn's work consists, on the one hand, of often autobiographical , realistic novels and narratives that critically deal with the private life of cultural workers in the GDR, and on the other hand, of essays on literary and historical topics, especially the history of Prussia .

He is the editor of a number of authors from the 18th and 19th centuries related to Berlin and the Mark Brandenburg , which was published under the title Märkischer Dichtergarten (with Gerhard Wolf ).

He had great success in the 1990s with the two volumes ( Interim Balance Sheet and Forty Years: A Life Report ) of his autobiography .

Awards and honors


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Film adaptations

TV literature portrait

"In the slipstream of the wall", Günter de Bruyn - chronicler of his time , a film by VERA BOTTERBUSCH (www.verabotterbusch.de) 60 min., BR 1993

Audio books

Radio productions

  • Interim balance: Eine Jugend in Berlin , reading shortened by the author with Günter de Bruyn, director: Veronika Hübner, MDR KULTUR 1996
  • Neue Herrlichkeit unabridged reading with Jürgen Hentsch , director: Petra Meyenburg , MDR FIGARO 2006
  • Forty Years: A Life Report , unabridged reading with Sylvester Groth , director: Klaus Zippel , MDR FIGARO 2011
  • The ninetieth birthday. A rural idyll , unabridged reading with Burghart Klaußner , director: Matthias Thalheim, MDR KULTUR 2019


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