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The Art Prize of the German Democratic Republic was founded on January 22, 1959 by the government of the GDR and awarded annually in October by the Minister of Culture. It was a high state award for individual artistic achievements that were considered to be trend-setting for the development of culture. The art prize was awarded annually in particular to personalities who had made merits in the fields of music, visual arts, applied arts, film, television, radio and entertainment.

The award was presented to individuals and collectives awarded up to six people. It could only be awarded once to the individual or the same collective. The award included a medal , a certificate and a cash donation for individuals of 6,000  marks and for collectives up to 20,000 marks.

Award winners

The winners of the GDR Art Prize include:

More art prizes

Thematic art prizes have also been awarded by mass organizations in the GDR since the 1960s :

Further art prizes were awarded by the districts of the GDR to freelancers and artist collectives, provided that there was a special regional connection or special achievements were recognized.

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