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description Satirical magazine
publishing company Eulenspiegel GmbH
First edition May 1, 1954
Frequency of publication per month
Sold edition 98,000 (as of 2009, self-reported) copies
Editor-in-chief Gregor Füller
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The Eulenspiegel is a monthly humor - and satirical magazine . It is published by Eulenspiegel GmbH in Berlin .


1954 until the reunification of Germany

The magazine emerged from the satirical newspaper Frischer Wind , which appeared since April 15, 1946 under a Soviet press license. Editor-in-chief of Frischen Wind was initially Lex Ende , then Walter Heynowski . On May 1, 1954, the four-color print magazine took on the title Eulenspiegel after the independent Ulenspiegel magazine was discontinued in 1950, which was very successful in the post-war period . Although it had been subordinate to the press control department of the Central Committee of the SED since February 1957 , some editions were destroyed before distribution due to their political explosiveness and satirical criticism of supply shortages in the GDR. After the publication of an Ulbricht caricature in 1957, the editor-in-chief Heinz H. Schmidt was dismissed. When Erich Honecker came to power , according to the long-standing Eulenspiegel author and film critic Renate Holland-Moritz , the remaining freedoms diminished; there was an "escape into the humoresque".

The paper was published until 1972 by Eulenspiegel-Verlag , also founded in 1954 , which then became an independent book publisher. The Eulenspiegel was the only satirical magazine in the GDR . The demand often exceeded the circulation, which was limited to 500,000 pieces due to the lack of paper.

From 1989

After reunification, Eulenspiegel GmbH, founded for this purpose, acquired the paper. Due to economic considerations, the paper changed in August 1991 (with the number 29/91) from a weekly to a monthly publication. The circulation fell to 130,000 in the mid-1990s and was 120,000 in 2012, with 80 percent of the issues being sold in eastern Germany. The two owners, Hartmut Berlin and Jürgen Nowak, who came to Eulenspiegel from New Germany in 1986 , initially alternated regularly as editor-in-chief. The satirist Bernd Zeller , who was scheduled to succeed Jürgen Nowak in 1999, was dismissed after a critical interview with the Berliner Zeitung . The editorial office, which had been located in the Neues Deutschland publishing house until then , moved to Gubener Strasse 47 in January 2000. In March 2000, Jürgen Nowak moved from the editorial office to the management team. From July 2009 to January 2019 Mathias Wedel was Hartmut Berlin's successor in the office of editor-in-chief. Gregor Füller has been in charge of the editorial team since February 2019 .

In the 1990s in particular, Eulenspiegel was known for satirical campaigns, most of which were carried out by the editors at the time, Georg Behrend and André Mielke . For the May 1993 issue, for example, they took plaster casts of a few celebrities' faces under the pretext of opening a panopticon for the “heads of the Wende”. The victims included Lutz Rathenow , Gunther Emmerlich , Konrad Weiß , Sabine Bergmann-Pohl and Rainer Eppelmann . For the June 1995 issue, Mielke and Behrend traveled through Germany together with Martin Sonneborn , who was an Eulenspiegel intern at the time, in a truck designated as a Castor van .

In the 1990s, reminiscences of the GDR took up a lot of space. At first occasionally, between November 1996 and May 1999 even every two months, a double page of the so-called "West-ND" appeared, a parody of the daily newspaper Neues Deutschland , which was aimed at the readers of the "fifty new districts of the GDR (formerly FRG )" judged. When the discontinuation of this series was announced in October 1999, several letters to the editor in the November and December issues - with success - requested a continuation. The October 1999 issue devoted four articles to the 50th anniversary of the founding of the GDR , the November issue one more. “In honor of October 3, 2000”, Eulenspiegel advertised a 32-page special edition of the ND parody from issue 10/2000.

In the spring of 1998 the Lausitzer Rundschau was the only newspaper to publish the advertisement United Rights ” is looking for comrades-in- arms. First of all, a Eulenspiegel editor who posed as a member of the “Kameradschaft Wotan” called the Lausitzer Rundschau and thanked them for the print. Then he slipped into the role of a fictional sympathizer and phoned Mario H. Meurer, the federal chairman of the United Right , and another functionary. Mario H. Meurer, who recorded the phone calls and handed them over to the Stuttgart public prosecutor , accused Eulenspiegel of incitement to hatred in his letter of April 30, 1998 . The case is closed; however, the complaint filed with the German Press Council on the same day was successful.


Franziska van Almsick , who was pictured pregnant on the cover picture 4/94, sued Eulenspiegel. An out-of-court settlement was reached; Since April 27, 1994, the corresponding issue may no longer be sold. In March 1996, Bärbel Bohley sued the satirical magazine, which had a “lousy porn montage with Chancellor Kohl ” on its cover, for 100,000 DM in damages. The satirical account, which caused a greater echo both in the media and among politicians and was reprimanded by the German Press Council, alluded to the meeting of former GDR civil rights activists with the Chancellor in Berlin. On the basis of a settlement before the Hamburg district court , Eulenspiegel finally paid Bohley DM 20,000. This affair was ironically taken up several times in the following issue numbers. The Catholic journalist Matthias Drobinski obtained an injunction against Eulenspiegel in July 2013 because an article linked him with homosexuality. All issues of the August issue had to be taken off the market and may only be sold in a blackened version.

Authors and draughtsmen

One of the main authors of Eulenspiegel for many years was Johannes Conrad . His style shaped the Eulenspiegel for decades. He was also called the " Woody Allen of GDR humor". His "Funzel" columns were popular with the general public and also very well known in satirical circles. Other popular authors were Otto Häuser , Lothar Kusche , CU Wiesner , Jochen Petersdorf , Wolfgang Mocker , Hansgeorg Stengel and Renate Holland-Moritz. Current authors include, Utz Bamberg , Matti Friedrich , Matthias Biskupek , Gerhard Henschel , Peter Köhler , Carlo Dippold , Guido Pauly, Gregor Olm, Erik Wenk , Michael Kaiser , Felice von Senkbeil , Robert Niemann, Atze Svoboda , Andreas Koristka .

The most important draftsmen were Heinz Jankofsky , Henry Büttner , Louis Rauwolf , Manfred Bofinger , Erich Schmitt , Peter Dittrich and Heinz Behling . The following artists are currently regularly represented with cartoons and drawings: BECK , Harm Bengen , Lo Blickensdorf, Peter Butschkow , Arno Funke , Burkhard Fritsche , Gerhard Glück , Barbara Henniger , Frank Hoppmann , Rudi Hurzlmeier , Katz and Goldt , Kriki , Uwe Krumbiegel , Peter Muzeniek , Oliver Ottitsch , Ari Plikat , Bernd Pohlenz , André Poloczek , Andreas Prüstel , Erich Rauschenbach , Hannes Richert , Horst Schrade , Reiner Schwalme , Guido Sieber , Klaus Stuttmann , Peter Thulke , Freimut Wössner and Martin Zak .

Special editions

In addition to three anthologies, which summarize the years 1954 to 1969, 1970 to 1979, and 1980 to 1990, special editions have been published irregularly over the last 15 years, for example the above-mentioned parody of New Germany , a puzzle booklet or a special edition on the football World Cup 2006 .

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The second number in the year refers to the forerunner magazine Frischer Wind . The year census was changed with the January 1996 issue: Both the 1995 and 1996 issues appeared with the note “42./50. Vintage". The December 2007 issue returned to the old count: “54./62. Year "instead of" 53./61. Volume "(up to November 2007 issue).