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Hartmut Dirks

Hartmut Dirks (* 1954 in Emden , East Frisia ; † December 16, 2007 there ) was a German publicist , journalist and adult educator . He was a member of the German Writers' Association and lived in Bremen .


Hartmut Dirks completed a journalism course at the Free University of Berlin , for which he received the academic degree Lic. Rer. publ. was awarded. He also studied law at the Hagen Distance Learning University . He studied adult education at the University of Kaiserslautern and graduated with the academic degree Master of Arts .

From 1982 he was the editor of the computer magazine Titus and until 1990 editor-in-chief of the international computer magazine MSX / Atari ST-Info of the Dutch publisher SAC. At the same time he worked in radio for the German-speaking Belgian radio and on individual assignments for various German broadcasters. From November 9th to 11th, 1989, he reported live from Berlin on the historic event of the opening of the Wall for five German-speaking radio stations .

Dirks was the editor of the local newspapers Ihlower Zeitung and Krummhörner Blattje from 1991 to 1997 inclusive . Until 2005 he worked for the German press agency dpa, for which he wrote numerous correspondent reports. Since 1985 Dirks has also been active in adult education. His seminar topics ranged from speech training for moderators to training seminars for journalists.

Since 2007 he has also led the development of the Hansa-Akademie distance learning project.


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  • as well as other essays and author of the legal series Journalistenrecht in the journal Journal of the German Association of Journalists.
  • Hartmut Dirks is the founder and co-author of the German-American Internet project for the East Frisians who emigrated to the USA and their descendants www.east-frisia.com.

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