Army aviators

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Military symbol for the NATO army aviators

Under Army Aviation refers to the flying units or units of an army . Your task is to support the army and other branches of service. To do this, they mainly use military helicopters as weapons or for observation and transport. Smaller planes can also be used. Army aviators can be found in many armed forces.

Sikorsky CH-53 with external load
BO 105 is used as a liaison / observation and school helicopter


The tasks of the army aviators include a .:

  • Support of the army: for security or when fighting with on-board weapons
  • Anti-tank : Combat of battle tanks
  • Search and rescue under combat conditions : Search for and rescue downed pilots or allied units behind enemy lines in combat
  • Air combat : fighting enemy aircraft
  • Electronic warfare : reconnaissance and disruption of the electronics of enemy troops and infrastructure from the helicopter
  • Transport: Transport of personnel and material as internal or external load
  • Reconnaissance: Reconnaissance in cooperation with other branches of the armed forces
  • Artillery observation: target reconnaissance and hit observation in cooperation with the artillery
  • Liaison and leadership support : e.g. B. Use as a detector or to set up telecommunication connections over long distances

In the event of disasters or if your own resources are insufficient, operations can also be requested from civilian bodies for support, e. B. in forest fires , floods or evacuations.


Army aviators primarily have helicopters to carry out their tasks . With regard to their function, these can be assigned to the following groups:

Army aviators in the Bundeswehr

The army aviators form a separate branch of the armed forces of the Bundeswehr , which is counted among the combat support troops .

Army aviators in the National People's Army

Army aviators from other countries

cockade Coat of arms / seal nation Surname
Roundel of Argentina.svg Aviacion Ejercito Argentino Escudo.png ArgentinaArgentina Argentina Comando de Aviación Ejército Argentino
Roundel of Australia.svg AustraliaAustralia Australia Australian Army Aviation (AAAvn)
Roundel of Brazil.svg Bol avex.png BrazilBrazil Brazil Aviação do Exército Brasileiro
Roundel of France.svg Aviation legere de l'armée de terre - drapeau.svg FranceFrance France Aviation Legere de l'armée de terre (ALAT)
true AAC insignia.jpg IndiaIndia India Army Aviation Corps
Roundel of Italy.svg ItalyItaly Italy Aviazione dell'Esercito (AVES)
Roundel of Colombia.svg ColombiaColombia Colombia Aviación Ejército
Roundel of Malaysia.svg MalaysiaMalaysia Malaysia Pasukan Udara Tentera Darat / Malaysian Army Aviation (PUTD)
Roundel of Portugal.svg PortugalPortugal Portugal Unidade de Aviação Ligeira do Exército
Roundel of Spain.svg Badge of the FAMET.svg SpainSpain Spain Fuerzas Aeromóviles del Ejército de Tierra (FAMET)
RAF roundel.svg United KingdomUnited Kingdom United Kingdom Army Air Corps (AAC)
Roundel of the USAF.svg ArmyAVNBranchPlaque.svg United StatesUnited States United States United States Army Aviation Branch

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