Heinrich Brunner (entrepreneur)

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Heinrich Brunner (born November 15, 1773 in Glarus ; † June 11, 1857 there ) was a Swiss entrepreneur and liberal politician .


Heinrich Brunner was born on November 15, 1773 as the son of the locksmith Kaspar Brunner in Glarus. First he learned the job of a stuff printer . He then continued his education in Geneva .

Heinrich Brunner, who was married twice, died on June 11, 1857 in Glarus. He was the father of Jost Brunner .

Entrepreneurial activity

In 1822 he acquired the textile printing company founded by his brother Hans Peter . As a commercial manager, he recruited skilled colorists and had so-called yasmak fabrics, which were processed into face veils , produced for the Turkish market . From the 1840s onwards, his printing company developed into one of the largest in the country. As a wealthy entrepreneur from Glarus, he supported charitable institutions such as poor institutions , schools and savings funds , and in 1855 he set up a scholarship fund .

Political activity

Brunner began as a clerk in the administrative chamber of the Helvetian canton of Linth and from 1803 became the private secretary of the Landammann . He then acted as a Glarner Landschreiber from 1808 to 1825 and as a criminal judge from 1837 to 1841.


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