Heinrich Jaroslaw Clam-Martinic

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Jindřich Jaroslav Clam-Martinic, lithograph by Eduard Kaiser , 1860

Heinrich Jaroslaw Johann Nepomuk Maria Karl Borromäus Richard Aloys Vitus, Count von und zu Clam-Martinic , Czech: Jindřich Jaroslav hrabě Clam-Martinic , (born June 15, 1826 in St. Georgen , Pressburg county , † June 5, 1887 in Prague ) was a Bohemian national politician in the Habsburg monarchy .


He was a son of the Austrian general Karl Josef Nepomuk Graf Clam-Martinic (1792-1840). After studying law, he began as a manager of the state administration in Mělník , was Ministerialrat in Budapest , including governor in Krakow and in 1859 President of Western Galicia . From 1860 he devoted himself only to politics and became the leader of the Czech aristocracy. He saw the solution to the nationality problem of the monarchy only in the "preservation of the political-historical individualities" of the crown lands .

In 1861, as President of the Bohemian Museum in Prague, he had a meeting with František Ladislav Rieger , in which he agreed a collaboration between the bourgeois liberals and the Bohemian aristocracy. Clam-Martinic "it wasn't so much about the recognition of the nation as it was about that of the nobility". He tried to enforce Bohemian rights within the Austrian monarchy or to make compromises. After 1879 he was elected deputy chairman of the Bohemian deputies in the Reichsrat .

His nephew Heinrich Clam-Martinic also became a politician and was Austrian Prime Minister.


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