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Helma Notte married. Baur (born September 22, 1911 in Düsseldorf , † March 14, 1997 in Munich ) was a German athlete who was successful around 1930. She took part in the Olympic Games twice.

The 1.75 m tall and 64 kg heavy athlete started for TV Grafenberg Düsseldorf .


In her specialty, the high jump , she won the German Championships in 1928 and 1930; there was also a runner-up in 1932. In 1930 Helma Notte could be considered double champion, as she won both the DSfLA and the DT title (“Volksturnen”), the latter in mid-August in Leipzig with 1.57 m.

On the world rankings of those years she came seven times in the top ten - six times in the high jump and once over 100 meters:

  • 1927 5th place (1.53 m)
  • 1928 6th place (1.54 m)
  • 1929 9th place 100 m (12.4 s)
  • 1930 world number one (1.59 m)
  • 1931 world number one (1.58 m)
  • 1932 6th place (1.59 m)
  • 1933 5th place (1.58 m)

The following personal bests are given for them:

  • High jump: 1.59 m (achieved on July 25, 1930 in Düsseldorf)
  • 80 m hurdles: 12.2 s (achieved on August 20, 1933 in Weimar )
  • 100 m: 12.4 s (achieved on June 9, 1929 in Rheinhausen )

In 1930, in her prime, she was third at the 3rd Women's World Games in Prague . Unfortunately, she was not able to fully utilize her potential at the Olympic Games. In 1928 in Amsterdam she came in 6th place with a jumped 1.48 m as the best German (apart from her Inge Braumüller and Elisabeth Bonetsmüller were at the start); with her then best performance of 1.54 m, however, she would not have won a medal either. Four years later in Los Angeles she managed to jump over 1.55 m, which was only enough for seventh place (it was won by the American Jean Shiley with the world record height of 1.65 m). After all, she was again the best German, because Ellen Braumüller (Inge's sister) only managed 1.41 m.

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