Helmut Bazille

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Helmut Bazille (born November 19, 1920 in Stuttgart ; † May 5, 1973 in Bonn ) was a German SPD politician .

Life and work

Bazille was the son of the Württemberg President Wilhelm Bazille . He left high school after completing secondary school and completed an apprenticeship as a mechanic in Stuttgart . In 1940 he passed the technical draftsman exam. From 1939 to 1945 he participated in the war and was seriously wounded . With a war damage of 80 percent he was released from the hospital in 1946 . Bazille was a co-founder of the Association of Injured Persons in Württemberg-Baden and in 1947 became managing director of the Association of Injured Persons in the American Zone . In 1948 he also became Federal Secretary of the Association of War Disabled and Physically Disabled People , of which he was chief executive from 1952 to 1953.


From the first federal election in 1949 to 1969, Bazille belonged to the German Bundestag , and since the 1961 federal election with a direct mandate in the Heilbronn constituency . He was (after Hans Löfflad from WAV and Adolf von Thadden from DKP-DRP ) the third youngest member of the first electoral term. From 1961 to 1965 he was chairman of the Bundestag Committee on War Victims and Homecoming Issues.


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