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Hermann Goethe (born March 16, 1837 in Naumburg / Saale ; † May 12, 1911 in Baden near Vienna ) was a specialist in viticulture , pomology and oenology . He was the founding director of the viticulture school in Marburg an der Drau (now Maribor ).


After completing his horticultural apprenticeship in Erfurt , Goethe attended the Royal Agricultural Academy in Hohenheim, now the University of Hohenheim . He deepened his practical skills in 1860 as head gardener at the private college for horticulture, fruit culture and pomology by Edward Lucas in Reutlingen.

Goethe became the director of the agricultural horticultural school in Obergorbitz near Dresden . In 1865 he became a horticultural teacher at the Grand Ducal School for Fruit and Viticulture in Karlsruhe. From 1869 he was head of the pomological gardens of the consul general Heinrich Eduard von Lade in Geisenheim, from which the Royal Prussian Institute for Fruit and Viticulture, the research institute for horticulture and viticulture that still exists today, emerged in 1872 .

He founded the Horticultural Association for the Grand Duchy of Baden and the Association of Rhenish Horticultural Associations . In 1871 he went to Lower Austria as a hiking instructor and in the same year was appointed director of the regional fruit and wine school in Marburg an der Drau (Styria), where he stayed until 1883. Among other things, Goethe published specialist literature on grape variety, the Ampelographic Reports , which reached significance beyond the borders of the Habsburg monarchy, as well as a forerunner of the magazine Der Winzer . In Maribor he also crossed the interspecific rootstock (also Goethe No. 9) between Vitis riparia x Vitis rupestris.

In 1886 he completed his habilitation as a private lecturer at the newly founded University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna , and in 1888 was appointed head of the biological research station for viticulture and manager of the Association for the Protection of Austrian Viticulture in Baden near Vienna, of which he was vice-president until at least 1907.


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