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Hermann Günther Meynert ( pseudonym : Janus ) (born December 20, 1808 in Dresden , † March 10, 1895 in Vienna ) was a German writer, critic and historian.

Meynert and his family settled in Vienna in 1836. He was with Marie, geb. Emmering, who was a singer at the Dresden Opera before they were married. Marie and Hermann Meynert were the parents of the psychiatrist Theodor Meynert .

The present (1855)

In Vienna, Hermann Meynert wrote the first history of Austria, which is still significant today as a reference work, and a history of the Austrian army dedicated to Radetzky . As a publicist he worked for the “Wiener Allgemeine Theaterzeitung” and until the end of 1852 in the editorial department of the “Austrian soldier friend Jaromir Hirtenfeld . In addition to his historical work, Hermann Meynert also developed extensive belletristic activity. In addition to collections of novels, he also published the poet's almanac “Dioskuren” .


  • Franz I, Emperor of Austria, and his age. 1934.
  • History of the Saxon People. Leipzig 1835.
  • History of Austria, its peoples and countries. 6 volumes. 1843-1853.
  • History of the Austro-Hungarian Army. 4 volumes. 1852-1854.
  • Emperor Joseph II. 1862.
  • as publisher: The present time: everlasting conversation lexicon of the present. Volume 1. Anton Schweiger, Vienna 1855. No more volumes appeared
  • as editor. Belletristic Reading Cabinet of the newest and best novels of all nations in careful translations. approx. 100 volumes. Hartleben's publishing expedition, Pest / Leipzig approx. 1840 to 1870.


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