Hermann Niethammer (politician)

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Hermann Friedrich Niethammer (born August 8, 1835 in Heilbronn , † February 20, 1876 in Stuttgart ) was a German lawyer and politician ( VP ). From 1868 to 1870 he was a member of the Chamber of Deputies of the Württemberg Land estates .


Niethammer was a Protestant denomination. His parents were the Heilbronn doctor Emil Friedrich Niethammer (1809–1847) and his wife Rosa Maria, geb. Kerner (1813–1886), the eldest daughter of the Weinsberg poet Justinus Kerner . He had six siblings, two of whom died early. His sister Anna Friederike Sophia Justina (1836–1898) was the mother of the doctor and MP Ludwig Justinus Bauer (1863–1911).

Niethammer studied law in Tübingen , where he became a member of the Germania fraternity in 1854 . In 1859 he settled as a lawyer in Stuttgart, from 1862 in Weinsberg, from 1867 back in Stuttgart.

His political views were liberal, he belonged to the liberal Württemberg People's Party and was secretary in its executive committee; from October 1869 he had the same function in the German People's Party . In 1868 he ran for the Württemberg Chamber of Deputies in the constituency of Weinsberg, where he could be sure of voter sympathy for the grandson of Justinus Kerner, and narrowly won against the lamb host Seyffer from Ellhofen . He ran again in the 1870 elections and spoke out against Württemberg joining the German Confederation . He was clearly defeated by his opponent Johannes Mühlhäuser , who advocated the small German solution with an empire under Prussian leadership.

After 1870 Niethammer was chairman of the “free electoral association” in the Reichstag constituency of Württemberg III ( Heilbronn , Besigheim , Brackenheim , Neckarsulm ). In a by-election for the Chamber of Deputies, he ran in the constituency of Stuttgart in 1872 and was barely defeated by the national liberal candidate Oskar von Wächter . In the Reichstag election in 1874 he ran in the constituency of Württemberg III and, after an exceptionally tough election campaign, was defeated by the national liberal candidate Eduard Mayer . Niethammer was already running again as a candidate for the Reichstag election in 1877 when he died of a heart attack at his desk. He was buried in the Fangelsbach cemetery in Stuttgart .


In 1867 Niethammer married his wife Friedericke Sofie Groß, widowed Klein (1843–1920). The marriage had three children, one of whom died early. The son Hermann Georg Theodor Niethammer (1868–1954) became lieutenant general of the Reichswehr, the son Emil Theobald Gustav Niethammer (1869–1956) lawyer, law professor and judge.


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