Hochstein (Eifel)

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Hochstein from the south-southwest

Hochstein from the south-southwest

height 563  m above sea level NHN
location at upper mendig ; Mayen-Koblenz district , Rhineland-Palatinate ( Germany )
Mountains Eifel ( High Eifel )
Coordinates 50 ° 22 '18 "  N , 7 ° 13' 9"  E Coordinates: 50 ° 22 '18 "  N , 7 ° 13' 9"  E
Hochstein (Eifel) (Rhineland-Palatinate)
Hochstein (Eifel)
particularities Genoveva Cave

The Hochstein (also Kalberg , also called Kahler Berg , formerly Forstberg ) is 563  m above sea level. NHN high volcanic cone of the Eifel near Ober mendig in the Rhineland-Palatinate district of Mayen-Koblenz .



The Hochstein rises in the High Eifel between the local communities Bell in the north-northeast and Ettringen in the south. Its summit and large parts of the mountain lie in the western part of the urban area of Mendig , the district of which Obermendig extends to its eastern foot. The west and south flanks are in the municipality of Ettringen. To the north-west of the mountain lie the Roderhöfe belonging to Mendig along the municipal border with Ettringen . The Kellbach rises slightly to the north of the mountain and the Segbach to the south , both of which feed the Nette tributary of the Krufter Bach .

Natural allocation

The Hochstein belongs to the natural spatial main unit group Middle Rhine Region (No. 29), in the main unit Lower Middle Rhine Region (292) and in the subunit Laacher Vulkane (292.0) to the natural area Ettringer volcanic peaks (292.01). To the west, the landscape falls into the natural area Nitz-Nette-Wald (271.21), which belongs to the main unit group Eastern Eifel (27) and the main unit Eastern High Eifel (271) to the subunit Hohe-Acht / Nitz-Nette-Bergland (271.2) .

Protected areas

Large parts of the Hochstein nature reserve ( CDDA no. 163713; designated 1983; 3.5113 km² in size), small parts of the Rhein-Ahr-Eifel landscape protection area  (CDDA no. 323834; 1980; 925.8651 km²) and parts of one are located on the Hochstein self-contained area of ​​the bird sanctuary Lower Middle Rhine Area (VSG No. 5609-401; 20.66 km²).

Mountain name and Genoveva cave

In Ettringen itself, the name of the extinct volcano is Kalberg , which is recorded on a map around 1809. According to a legend, the Countess Palatine Genoveva von Brabant found refuge in the cave northwest below the summit in the Middle Ages , hence the name Genoveva Cave (also called Hochstein Cave ).

Transport and leisure

To the west past the Hochstein, the state road  82 leads from Bell past the Roderhöfe to Ettringen. On its south-west flank, the Mcc Ettringen e. V.

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