Holstein sour meat

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Holstein sour meat with tartar sauce and sour cucumber, here with bread and butter

Holstein Sauerfleisch , also called Holstein-style sour meat , is a regional variant of sour meat that is widespread in Schleswig-Holstein and is both a specialty of Schleswig-Holstein cuisine and a traditional north German summer dish . It is usually stored in a glass, which means it has a long shelf life; In addition, it “matures” in the glass because the acidity of the vinegar used for the marinade (further) breaks down the connective tissue and makes the meat “particularly tender and tender”.

For this purpose, pork that is not too lean (usually belly or neck) is cooked in white wine vinegar together with spices such as bay leaves , allspice , mustard seeds , caraway seeds , juniper berries , and occasionally with onions and pickles . The cooked meat is cut into portions and put back into the cooking stock. After cooling, the broth made from vinegar and the fat contained in the meat gels, giving the dish a firm, jelly- like consistency.

In contrast to brawn, the stomach or neck of pork is used in larger pieces for Holstein sour meat . In addition, sour meat is traditionally cooked without gelatine , but recipes with the addition of gelatine have also become common.

Previously, the only just cooked and diced meat pieces were with the marinade in Einkochgläser inserted or bottled and still had the Einkochkessel entrails are to make it durable. Today the cooked and cut meat and the seasoned marinade come straight into so-called twist-off jars with screw caps .

Holstein sour meat is served cold. Traditionally, fried potatoes are usually eaten as a side dish , but bread and butter are also served. Often tartar sauce and pickles are served with it.


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