I like you

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German title I like you
Original title Tengo ganas de ti
Country of production Spain
original language Spanish
Publishing year 2012
length 119 minutes
Age rating FSK / JMK 12
Director Fernando González Molina
script Ramon Salazar
novel based on:
Federico Moccia
production Francisco Ramos,
Álex Pina,
Mercedes Gamero,
Daniel Écija
music Manel Santisteban
camera Daniel Aranyó

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Three meters above the sky

I stand on you (original title: Tengo ganas de ti) is a Spanish feature film from 2012 and the sequel to the 2010 feature film Three meters above the sky . The film is based on the novel of the same name by Federico Moccia . It premiered in Spain in 2012 and was released on DVD in Germany on August 11, 2014.


Hugo "H" Olivera Castro returns to Barcelona after two years from London . He finally wants to leave the death of his best friend Pollo and his love for Babi behind. He meets Katina, Pollo's girlfriend at the time, and the two of them meet up with the old clique. He also meets his former enemy Chino. The two are watched by Gin, who then pursues H. Due to a mishap, the two slowly get closer and H falls in love again for the first time since Babi. H and Gin realize that they were in London at the same time and that Gin had already photographed him then.

One evening Gin, H and Katina are partying in a club. Katina meets Babi and they talk. But it's not like it used to be, because when Katina needed her best friend the most, she wasn't there. Not everything is going well in Babi's family either. Her mother, Rafaela, thinks Claudio is having an affair. Her sister Daniela also thinks she's having sex with Babi's ex-boyfriend Chico. Then she becomes pregnant by the stranger. Babi makes a few attempts to befriend Katina again, but the two have already grown too far apart.

Gin takes part in a TV show thanks to H. The relationship begins to run down when H Gin refuses to tell the truth about Babi. On the day of Gin's appearance, Katina suddenly calls H. He leaves Gin behind and drives to the address Katina had sent him. There, however, he does not meet Katina, but Babi. The two talk and old feelings emerge. Babi wants to drive H home, but makes a stop on the beach, where she and H had such happy moments. The two let themselves be guided by their old feelings and sex between them takes place. After both of them are back in the car and continue their journey, Babi apologizes for what happened back then. She admits that she wanted to find out how she still feels about him, but that she has also recently been engaged and will soon get married. H asks to let her out on the TV show, which ended a long time ago. He says goodbye to her. At the same time, Gin is looking for H for her TV appearance, but cannot find him. An accident causes her to run into problems and is almost raped by one of the television producers, but H arrives and beats him up. Gin asks him where he was. But when he has no answer, she goes away hurt.

In all the confusion, Katina arrives, but H can't stop her from taking part in one of the illegal motorcycle races. In spite of everything, H takes part in the race and wants to win back the motorcycle of his deceased friend Pollo, Katina's former friend, who died in the race several years ago. But he doesn't have the heart to finish the race and stops at the finish line.

Weeks have passed. H has realized that he has to let go of Babi and that they have no future together. He comes to Gin's exhibition, realizing that he loves her. He goes looking for her and the two find each other and start their relationship all over again.


The German dubbing was done by RRP Media GmbH in Berlin, the dialogue was directed by Ursula Hugo .

actor German speaker role
Mario Casas Florian Hoffmann Hugo

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