Three meters above the sky (film)

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German title Three meters over the sky
Original title Tres metros sobre el cielo
Country of production Spain
original language Spanish
Publishing year 2010
length 119 minutes
Age rating FSK / JMK 12
Director Fernando González Molina
script Ramon Salazar
novel based on:
Federico Moccia
production Francisco Ramos,
Álex Pina,
Mercedes Gamero,
Daniel Écija
music Manel Santisteban
camera Daniel Aranyó

Three meters above the sky (original title: Tres metros sobre el cielo ) is a Spanish feature film from 2010. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Federico Moccia . Three meters above the sky was shown in Spanish cinemas on December 3, 2010 and was released on DVD in Germany on July 11, 2014. The film is a remake of the Italian cult film "Tre metri sopra il cielo" from 2004.


Hugo Olivera Castro, who only wants to be called “HO”, is sentenced to a fine of 6,000 euros for bodily harm to his mother's lover. On the way back he is on the road with his Triumph Thruxton 07 and meets Babi Alcazar, whom he turns on with a cheap saying. She gives him the cold shoulder and drives away in her limousine. H has turned into a bad boy since the day he caught his mom at his neighbor's. He takes part in illegal street races and competes with other bikers in a pull-up competition. The clique decide to storm the rich teenagers' party that is taking place nearby. There he meets Babi again, turns her on again and gets a milkshake in her face. This leads to wrangling between the bikers and party guests. In the chaos that follows, H takes Babi and jumps into the pool with her. Babi is angry and upset that her Valentino dress is ruined. H thinks she would look a lot better without a dress. At the same time, Pollo Babi's friend Katina steals her weekly pocket money. Despite being asked, Pollo refuses to give the money back and instead offers lunch with her, which he would pay with Katina's money. Babi's ex-boyfriend Chico, who overheard the argument with H, calls the police and the bikers disappear. He accompanies Babi home. On the way, they are followed by H and his gang and Chico's rented car is attacked. They manage to hang out the bikers and stop at a parking lot. There they are attacked again by H, who beats Chico. Babi panics and stops a passing car. The driver rushes to Chico's help, but H also knocks him down. The driver and Chico manage to get into their cars and flee. Babi has no choice but to ride with H on the motorcycle. On the doorstep, they are intercepted by Babi's mother Rafaela, who is not thrilled that her daughter was brought home by a biker on a motorcycle.

The next day, Katina confesses that she and Pollo are meeting and that he will take her to one of the street races. She asks Babi for support, who lets herself into it. On the day of the race, Babi rushes to her friend's help when her mother called her. There she meets H, who provokes her again. To prove to him that she is not a philistine, she gets involved in the street race. She becomes Chino's co-driver. Before the race can end, the police arrive. Babi is almost arrested, but H can barely save her. The two get closer. The next day Babi's picture of the escape is in the newspaper and H sticks this picture in her room. Rafaela also sees the picture in the newspaper and is not enthusiastic. However, Babi meets H in a nightclub and the two dance together. There is a kiss. When Babi comes home, her mother confronts her with the newspaper article. Babi talks her way out. Then she decides to skip school the next day and prefer to go around the houses with H. The two drive to the beach, but H meets his mother and the anger comes up again. Babi manages to calm H down again. He tells her everything and so Babi is the first to know the whole truth. The two of them enjoy the day on the beach and sex almost comes about. At home, she forges her mother's signature and gives it to her teacher. However, she has already spoken to Rafaela. Babi's lie has thus been exposed and her mother asks her to show her new neighbor Gustavo the area, although Babi has no desire to do so. Together with Katina she goes to the street race again. There she meets Mara, an affair with H who tells that she had hot sex with H the last few nights. Babi is angry and a fight ensues between the two. H breaks the two of them and he promises her that he will never lie to or hurt her. To celebrate her victory over Mara, Babi has an "H" stabbed on her stomach.

Since Rafaela and her husband Claudio are worried about Babi, Claudio meets with H. Here H makes it clear to him that Babi means a lot to him and that he will not hurt her. Babi, H, Pollo and Katina spend a lot of time together. One day H and Babi have their first sex, who loses her virginity in the process. H, who doesn't want Babi to get into trouble with her teacher, blackmailed her by kidnapping their dog and Pollo. Meanwhile, Rafaela cuts Babi's pocket money and she has to babysit. In order to have more time alone, Pollo has to take care of babysitting. But since he invites others from the biker clique, the babysitting ends in chaos and Babi throws Hugo, Pollo and everyone else out. To apologize to Babi, H cooks a romantic dinner. When Babi shows up, she accuses him or one of his friends of theft because her mother is missing a valuable ring. H goes to the biker scene and thinks that Chino stole the ring. He beats him up before Mia confesses to stealing the ring. H gives Babi the ring back and she does not testify against H in court the next day. She also gives him the ultimatum that she will never lie for him again and that she doesn't want any more lies. H promise her that.

Babi graduates from school with top marks. When she wants to thank her teacher, she realizes that H has blackmailed her. Babi is disappointed and separates from H. As a result, she is no longer interested in her birthday party and listlessly prepares for the evening with Katina's help. Katina tells her that she and Pollo will take part in the street race and want to win the main prize in order to be able to start a new life of their own. H promises Pollo to take part in the race. However, he shows up at Babi's party and makes up with her. However, when Gustavo accidentally spills his drink on Babi, H freaks out and hits him. At the same time, Pollo is waiting for H, since H does not come, he and Katina prepare for the street race. The two have an accident and Pollo dies. Babi and H, who found out about it during the party, rush to the scene of the accident and H mourns his friend. Babi tries to comfort him, but realizes that this is pointless. H runs after her, she yells at him not to touch her. She accuses him of not caring about anyone and that he doesn't care about anything. She also tells him that he is to blame for Pollo's death. He slaps her then. Babi is stunned and hurt and leaves.

A few months later, Babi has a relationship with Gustavo and is now in a different society. She is no longer in contact with Katina, who has been depressed since Pollo's death. H visits this at Christmas and gives him a picture of him and Pollo. She also asks him if he is still in contact with Babi. He denies this. H decides one last attempt to win Babi back. He calls her home, but only Rafaela answers the phone. She does not tell her daughter about the phone call with H. However, she sees him when she leaves the house with Gustavo. H realizes that he has destroyed everything and decides to go to London . His last words are that before Babi he had never felt like he was ten feet above the sky.


Due to the great success of the film, the sequel I stand on you was released in 2012 (original title: Tengo ganas de ti ), based again on the novel of the same name by Federico Moccia. Mario Casas as Hugo "HO" Olivera Castro and María Valverde as Babi Alcázar can again be seen in the main roles . Clara Lago takes on the new lead role of Ginger . The sequel is also based on the Italian original "Ho voglia di te" from 2007.


The German synchronized editing was done at RRP Media GmbH in Berlin. The synchronous Director wrote Rainer Raschewski and Ursula Hugo .

actor German speaker role
Mario Casas Florian Hoffmann Hugo
Maria Valverde Lydia Morgenstern Babi
Nerea Camacho Amelie Plaas-Link Daniela
Víctor Seville Tino Kießling El Ventura
Andrea Duro Anna Amalie Blomeyer Mara

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